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Is this lump on my neck cancer

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You should go see a doctor, but it sounds like you have a cyst. Cysts can be benign, but the can also be a symptom of cancer. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-this-lump-on-my-neck-cancer ]
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Is this lump on my neck cancer
You should go see a doctor, but it sounds like you have a cyst. Cysts can be benign, but the can also be a symptom of cancer.
Could the lump on my neck be cancer?
it is your lymph nodes It sounds to me as though your son has a swollen lymph node, also sometimes called lymph glands. Lymph nodes are collections of tissue rich in immune cells that trap and kill bacteria and viruses within the body tissu...
Could this lump in my neck be cancer? I'm only 13.??
When we find things that are unusual, it is a good idea to get them looked at. There are lots of lumps and bumps that are harmless, and can be easily removed, sometimes in a day surgery. As you have mentioned a genetic link to cancer with y...

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Big Red Lump on neck - Cancer??? Help?
Q: I have had a big red lump on my neck for just over 3 weeks which at first i squeezed to see if it was a spot and a tiny bit of puss came out but nothing will come out of it since! It is bright red and doesnt really hurt but im worried that this could be cancer rather than a boil or a cyst after readung the internet, please can anybody help?
A: sounds like a boil or cyst if your that worried about it go to the doctor
Lump in my neck. Cancer?!?
Q: There's a lump the size of a pea. It's probably spherical but I feel half of it. It's not painful.IT's on the right back side of my neckand I remember feeling it in the same spot 3 years ago but I didn't worry about itI haven't felt tired - and I'm still doing well in school. I feel fine - nothing weird.I don't know - how likely is it that it's cancer? I remember it being there 3 years ago!Would cancer have made its mark in the course of these three years? Would there be noticeable symptoms in 3 years time?I'm seeing the doctor next week.
A: it sounds like a lymph node to me. you probably have a really minor infection or cold that your body is battling. i get one on either side of my neck whenever i get sick. if thats what it is, you shouldnt worry too much!
Does having a lump on your neck mean cancer, or am I just being paranoid over a vital organ?
Q: I've noticed this lump on the lower right side of my neck from a few days back. Yes, I've been terribly bored over the last month, so it might have been there from a very long time. Anyway - the lump isn't there on the left side of my neck. It's not very big and isn't causing me any pain either. I'm 15, which means the chance of me getting cancer are very small, at least from what I've heard.I'm not feeling any symptoms, are there any?Could it be cancer, or am I poking a vital gland or something? I dropped biology at the earliest possible opportunity, so please help me out on this - I'm completely clueless.
A: You can get cancer at 15. The problem is that no one can really tell you if what you have is cancer or not just based on your description. Lumps and bumps that are unusual need to physically examined by a doctor and even then no one can tell for sure unless a biopsy is taken.When my son was 17 he had a painless lump on the side of his neck too. He had a biopsy and they found that it was metastatic cancer that had traveled through his lympatic system from his abdomen. He had multiple tumors throughout the abdominal cavity.Go see a doctor.

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