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How many children die of cancer everyday

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Each school day, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer, and one quarter of children will die 5 years from the time of diagnosis. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-children-die-of-cancer-everyday ]
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How many children die of cancer everyday
Each school day, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer, and one quarter of children will die 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

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Q: Everyday I feel tremendous amount of guilt for the children that are being abused, people that are being murdered, for the injustice, for the suffering of the others. Why do I feel so much guilt? Because I feel hopeless in which I can't do much, I can't mend the lives of millions of children, stop the genocide in Sudan or end the war in Iraq. I can't bring back the lives of the soliders, I can't cure the cancers that many people and children are battling but I could do one thing and thats challenge the way people think.We have become so desentized to deaths that people's lives have lost their values.Thousands of children are suffering from Leukemia, many children will die of child abuse, the death toll in Iraq is around 3,000+, 400,000 have died in the conflict in Sudan. So what?Think above these numbers. We should be more compassionate towards one another and put the value back into people's lives. My question is, how much do you value another persons life?Do you value another persons life?What if they have aids?What if they were homeless?Would the value be the same even though a person is muslim? Black, White, Orange, Blue
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How is it that Great Britain only had 53 deaths by firearms in 2007-08?
Q: "The level of gun ownership world-wide is directly related to murder and suicide rates and specifically to the level of death by gunfire."In a single year, 3,012 children and teens were killed by gunfire in the United States, according to the latest national data released in 2002. That is one child every three hours; eight children every day; and more than 50 children every week. And every year, at least 4 to 5 times as many kids and teens suffer from non-fatal firearm injuries. (Children's Defense Fund and National Center for Health Statistics) (And it has only gone up.)
American children are more at risk from firearms than the children of any other industrialized nation. In one year, firearms killed no children in Japan, 19 in Great Britain, 57 in Germany, 109 in France, 153 in Canada, and 5,285 in the United States. (Centers for Disease Control)America is losing too many children to gun violence. Between 1979 and 2001, gunfire killed 90,000 children and teens in America. (Children's Defense Fund and National Center for Health Statistics)In one year, more children and teens died from gunfire than from cancer, pneumonia, influenza, asthma, and HIV/AIDS combined. (Children's Defense Fund)America is losing too many children to gun violence. Between 1979 and 2001, gunfire killed 90,000 children and teens in America. (Children's Defense Fund and National Center for Health Statistics)•In one year, more children and teens died from gunfire than from cancer, pneumonia, influenza, asthma, and HIV/AIDS combined. (Children's Defense Fund)I'm not trying to "rant," but what is GB doing right? They don't have criminals getting guns legally or illegally, so everyday citizens don't feel the need to own guns. Personally, I'd love to see the U.S. have fewer than 100 gun deaths each year.http://www.gun-control-network.org/GF01.htmBasketball Fan88, Give me a break. Ok, how's this--the U.S has 14.24 per 100,000 people and Great Britain has 0.10 per 100,000 and those stats are several years old. Gun violence in America has INCREASED, by Great Britain's has DECREASED.Veritas Odium Parit, YOU ARE WRONG. Gun deaths in Great Britain have DECREASED.Friday, January 9, 2009Great Britain vs. United States in Gun DeathsLast year there were 42 gun-related deaths in Great Britain. This number includes homicides, suicides and accidental deaths. The U.S. had 30,364 deaths by firearms. Even when you adjust for the population, Great Britain vs U.S gun deaths 210 to 30, 364Scaredy, the United States is #24 in the WORLD for homicide. Great Britain is #46. Why do you and others turn to something you think is humorous when you can't think of find solid facts/information to back up your claims.Byte Me you are wrong. The United States far out-paces Great Britain in crime, period.
A: There is a huge problem with crime in the US. The United states outpaces any advanced industrialized nation with the exception of South Africa, when it comes to violent crime AND handgun death. The problem lies in the fact that there are far more handguns in the United States than there are people-- more than enough to go around! And guns are not like drugs an other social ills; they don't get used up and go away. England on the other hand banned guns while they were still quit rare. Its too late here.I believe the only way to deal with the problem is by having extremely strong penalties for those illegally owning a fire arm or those who use guns during a crime. I also believe in registration of weapons, and cannot really see any reason to own an assault rifle.One thing I also found interesting is the fact that the US has a higher rate of homicides committed WITHOUT a gun than the than the entire homicide rates of any country in Europe. In other words, erase all the firearm homicides, and our rate is still higher. Check out this link.http://www.guncite.com/gun_control_gcgvinco.html

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