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Does maruchan soup cause cancer

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There is no evidence that shows anything in the Maruchan line of soup products can cause cancer. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-maruchan-soup-cause-cancer ]
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Does maruchan soups give you cancer?
Never heard that. It does have some oil that bad for your heart.

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Mother in-law gone crazy!
Q: When my immediate family visits my mother-in law she says everything gives you cancer!! I'm sick of her always judging everything we do or eat. "cell phones cause cancer!" ""Oscar Meyer weiners cause cancer!" "Maruchan soup has chemicals!" "Microwaves contaminate your food!" "your children play too much video games!" Dude! She's so stupid, it's funny! I laugh at her. But husband actually argus with her! I say ignore it. But me n my sister-in law want to get her back for all these years of talking s***. Is there anything I can say about her eating habits or her living ways. I hope that makes sense. Like anything we can say like for example eating too much healthy something can get u some how sick? Or a freaking rumor anything! We are so desperate to get her back! Anything! Please help! you guys are so funny! But man you guys are so right. Im goinh to use every answer posted I swear!yeah yeah I know I shouldn't start drama, or not to stoop to her level, but I can't! My sister-in law lives with her and she's worse off then me. She treats her like crap and she's 20 but they treat her like she's 16. Well that's not the prob. What I'm trying to say is enough is enough. And at her funeral I'll laugh about our memories. It something well look back at and laugh. Come on we went on yahoo answers, it's hilarious! Please cut me some slack.
A: tell her that all the vegitables are grown in cow shit, and that it is cintaminated with cancer!! then tipe a couple pages about it making it sound like a scientist wrote it, and then print it out and give it to her. always keep a straight face, or she will know that you are lying. give it to her after you fix her a saled for lunch. then have youre boyfriend pretend to throw up after he eats a saled with her to finish it off!

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