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Do cancer lumps go away

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A cancerous tumor can sometimes go away on its own but often surgery, radiation or chemotherapy treatments are needed to get rid of the tumor. Thanks for using ChaCha, have a great day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-cancer-lumps-go-away ]
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Do cancer lumps go away
A cancerous tumor can sometimes go away on its own but often surgery, radiation or chemotherapy treatments are needed to get rid of the tumor. Thanks for using ChaCha, have a great day!
What do breast cancer lumps feel like?
You may not feel any lumps when you have breast cancer. They may be very small, pea sized lumps. They maybe larger and soft. You may feel swollen lumps in your armpit. Remember none of these might be cancer. Only medical tests will tell you...
How big are cancer Lumps?
My son literally had hundreds of them . . all undetected . . the largest one was the size of a volley ball or around 21cm. It would have kept growing without treatment which involved high dose chemo to shrink the tumors and than two abdomin...

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I dont know if i have breast cancer , but my mom says i have to go to the doctor to check it ?
Q: my mom saw a "bump" in my breast but its like , it looks like really small , its brown, and has like , 2 smaller than moles sized bumps in it , and its like reddish brown . and it doesnt look like what i see breast cancer lumps should look like , and my breasts dont hurt , and ive havd that lump since i can remember , :P , im scared if its "starting " or something , and im 12 years old . if i do have breast cancer , does it go away ?oh yeah , there have been NO changes in it, its just there, ..
A: You don't have breast cancer. I can say this with confidence because a) you don't have any symptoms of breast cancer and b) you are at an age when breast cancer is just about unknown.Breast cancer is almost unheard of in women under 25, let alone in pre-teen girls. Fewer than 0.1% of all those diagnosed with it are under 30 and only 5% are under 40.When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was classed as a 'younger woman'; I was 50.Honestly, if you did have breast cancer your case would make news headlines and would be written up in medical journals worldwide because of its EXTREME rarity.Ans what you describe is not a breast cancer lump.This is one occasion when mum doesn't know best; but she'll probably continue to worry until she and you have been reassured by your doctor that nothing is wrong.
Can fibroadenomas turn into breast cancer lumps?
Q: Hello. I'm just a tad bit curious about this. When i was around 16, I noticed 3 lumps on my breasts. I am now 19 and one has gone away. My dad's mother and sister both passed to breast cancer. Does this give me a higher risk of getting breast cancer? I asked my doctor if it was ok to get my fibroadenoma removed but she said since it's benign, i shouldnt worry. but i do! should i get it drained??what will happen if i dont??thanks!
A: Hello,The risk with family members with breast cancer only follows the maternal line. It is not usual to have increased risk due to genetics from your father's side of the family.On these "fibroadenomas," until you have a biopsy report saying that is all they are, I would lean toward removal. Although you are young and they probably are benign, you don't know until a biopsy has been performed.
How do I know if breast lumps are cancer?
Q: I have two small lumps inbetween my breasts, for the longest time I thought they were ingrown hairs, but they haven't gone away. I feel stupid for going to a walk in clinic and asking about them, and I don't have a family doctor thanks to the Ontario doctor shortage... can anyone ease my mind?
A: Don't feel stupid. The only thing that would be stupid is NOT going.

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