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Can you join the Army even if you had cancer

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In order to enlist in the army you have to be able to pass the ASVAB test & pass the physical, there is nothing listed on cancer. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-join-the-army-even-if-you-had-cancer ]
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Can you join the Army even if you had cancer
In order to enlist in the army you have to be able to pass the ASVAB test & pass the physical, there is nothing listed on cancer.

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Can this keep a person from joining the military?
Q: I'm going to have this mole checked out by the doctor on monday, and I was going through the worst outcome in my head, that it could be cancer. It does have some symptoms, but not a lot so if it is cancer it's in the early stages and can probably be removed before it spread. So my actual question is, what if you had a cancerous spot on your skin but had it removed and do not have cancer, can you still join the military. (I'm wanting to join the army and I'm hoping that I still can even if it is cancer)
A: I gather from your question that though you want to join the military, you haven't talked to a recruiter yet. If you're serious about joining the Army, you need to talk to a recruiter. And once you do, you can call him any time and ask him questions like this.History of skin cancer is not an automatic disqualification for military service. As long as you pass your physical, you'll still be able to enlist.
How likely would it be that I would be disqualified?
Q: Okay I know the Army is pretty full so they can be more picky about who they let in. My recruiter said it's up to the meps doctors and they can disqualify you even if the medical issue you have, wouldn't disqualify you. (He said I should just say I've never had an abnormal pap smear.) So I had an abnormal pap smear (LSIL). How likely am I going to be disqualified for this? I've had to wait for two waivers for unrelated medical stuff already, and I've been helping my brother while he fights advanced testicular cancer. My parents fight all the time and are unhappy which makes me feel guilty because I feel it's my fault. I'm 221/2 and this is all I have, and I want to join the Army so bad. I do not want to wait for another waiver, which I shouldn't need one anyways, because LSIL isn't a disqualifying medical condition. I'm afraid though that this will disqualify me, and that's it. Then my life is over. What do I do?I had the pap smear last month, and they want me to come back for a colposcopy since I am over 21.uh, to the second answer I have no idea what you are talking about. And to the third you don't know shit about testicular cancer, obviously. Moron.And there is, if the Army is basically full, and they are going to be more picky, they could disqualify me.
A: Yes you could be disqualified for an abnormal pap smear but the chances are slim. You could try to lie about it and would most likely get away with it since it is not noticeable and you will not have an OBGYN exam at MEPs. I will not advise that route because in the event you do get caught, you will be charged with fraudulent enlistment which is bad news all around. I googled your info about your results and from what I found it is usually nothing life threatening therefor you should not have a problem with it. Your best bet is to be honest and hope for the best. Sorry to hear about your borther and your deteriorating situation with your family. I hope everything works out for you and best of luck.

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