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Can doctors cut out cancer in your lungs

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Surgery is the primary treatment for patients with early-stage lung cancer who are in good general health. The goal of surgery is to totally eliminate all the tumor cells and thereby provide a cure. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-doctors-cut-out-cancer-in-your-lungs ]
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Can doctors cut out cancer in your lungs
Surgery is the primary treatment for patients with early-stage lung cancer who are in good general health. The goal of surgery is to totally eliminate all the tumor cells and thereby provide a cure. ChaCha.
Usually, the cancer is seen as an abnormal shadow on a chest x-ray. The next step is to perform a CT scan. This is a special x-ray which gives detailed pictures of the chest and the abdomen. The CT scan shows the lung cancer in more detail,...
How much do lung cancer doctors get paid
How much do lung cancer doctors get paid? I have been thinking about this for a while and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the subject.

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My dad used to have lung cancer , can we sue a cigarette company?
Q: Yeah, my dad has had many many health problems , including 2 MAJOR bypasses on both his legs , and if you know what that is , the scaring is horrible the doctors have to cut from your ancle to your knee basicly, that definatly was caused by smoking um, he had lung cancer and had to go through 9 monthes of hell with radiation therepy all your hair falls out and yeah think u pretty much know the story, but they got rid of the cancer thank the Lord , but all this due to the number one killer in the world the stupid cigarette, and guess what.. yeah u guessed it he still smokes , he has tried to quit so many times but like hundreds of thousands of others its pretty much a dream its so hard when every body around u smokes its almost imposible to quit , so my question is can we sue a certain cigarette company for all these problems in my fathers life, even though the cancer is gone he still has other ailments , so could we get ... say 1-5 million for a case? maybe more? I would change the world if we got that much money , but in all seriousness Do you think this is a LEGIT case?
A: It's not impossible to quit. Millions of people have done it.If you want to live, you do it. If you don't quit, that's a choice you make.Smokers who sue, to me, are just scavengers. They have known for many decades how destructive cigarettes are. No one forces them into anyone's hands/mouth.
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A: LMFAO!!!!New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group! So much for higher education! ; )Keep up the good work darlin' !
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A: .......................wow........................i need to read the newspaper more!

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