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Why does throwing up affect the heart

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Frequent vomiting can cause dehydration, malnutrition and low blood pressure, which strain the heart and cause it to work harder. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-throwing-up-affect-the-heart ]
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How do watching movies affect your health? does watching an inten...?
Yes that's a problem,i heard about one died of heart attack,after seeing the movie passion of the christ This is because most of the people dissolve in the movie and they might think the situations are original. Try to see comedy or less tr...

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HELP! 16 years old, H.pylori infection and heart palpitations!?
Q: Long story, sorry!! ^_^ I'm a pretty healthy 16 year old female, i don't smoke, or drink, or do drugs. And there's no history of disease in my family. I never really had an serious medical problems, just the occasional flu or cold. I live in Germany and I have been here for about 4 years. But a few months ago, I started getting these weird heart palpitations. I could LITERALLY feel my heart pounding extremely hard and heavy constantly in my chest. I knew it wasn't normal. I told my dad about it. He said it was all probably just anxiety. But I had no reason to be anxious about anything. But for the next couple of weeks, I was still having those weird heart palpitations. So I told my dad and he took me to the clinic on the American base where I go to school. I had my vitals checked, and they were a bit abnormal. So the doc prescribed ATENOLOL for me, and told us to go see a German internal medicine doctor/cardiologist the next day. So we did. At the doctor's the next day, I had an ultrasound done of my heart, and he said everything was fine. He said I have an extremely small deficiency in my heart (I didn't really understand what he was talking about). But that alot of people have it and it's perfectly normal. I also did a breathing test and the results from that were also normal. He said to come back in the next two weeks for a holtor monitor and stress test. After that, we went home. But a week or so later, I woke up feeling REALLY sick, like I had to throw up and then my heart started racing. I had no idea why. I told my dad, and he drove me to the hospital. My stomach felt like it had acid in it. I felt awful! So I stayed in the German hospital for 5 hours. My heart rate eventually went back to normal, and they said it was ok for me to go home. So we did. But for the next couple of days, I started getting REALLY sick. I could barely move, I felt sick all the time, and had a constant pounding heart and irregular heartbeats. I felt like my heart was 'sick' or something. So my parents took me to the hospital again, and this time, I stayed for 3 days. I had 3 blood tests done, and 2 ultrasounds done on my heart. Everything was normal. Even though I felt sick the whole time, they kept telling me I was "ok". Eventually , I went home and soon went back to school. After a few weeks, my dad came into the school and told me that the doctors found something in a stool sample, a bacteria called H.pylori. He said they think I have an infection or something, but I was so happy that they finally found something and it wasn't all just in my head. So the next day I got my antibiotics. I got 3 different antibiotics and I have to take them 3 different times a day. I also take Zoloft and half-tablets of an anti-anxiety pill called Clorazapam or something like that. So I've been taking all my antibiotics and medications as directed. But I've still been feeling sick for weeks. I recently say my internal medicine doctor, and I had a stress test done, and an ultrasound of my stomach, diaphram, etc. and he said everything was fine. But there are so many things I don't understand. The doctors say there is NOTHING that's organic wrong with my heart and physiologically it is fine. But why does my heart pound so hard and heavy? I can barely go up stairs anymore! Also, why didn't H.pylori antibodies show up in the blood tests? And I have all these horrible flu-like symptoms like a constant soar/itchy/scratchy throat, painful headaches and sinus pressure, more frequent bowel movements, an extremely hard pounding heart, dizziness, fatigue, and more. My ears ring alot, also. And I sweat ALOT. But just under my arms. I had all these symptoms even before I started the antibiotics so I don't think they are caused by side effects. The soar throat, headaches/sinus pressure/and pounding heart are the symptoms that affect me most and I feel so sick all the time. Sometimes it feels like I'm having trouble breathing and I get hungry alot more. I'm kind of scared because I don't think H.pylori can cause those symptoms, unless maybe someone has an ulcer from it, but I don't have one. I don't think H.pylori is the only thing making me sick. I'm scared it might be a more serious stomach/gastral problem or maybe cancer, or even lyme disease. I talked to my parents about this, and they said they will take me to the doctors so we I can get more tests and stuff done. But I know that sometimes antibiotics can interfere with blood tests so I will talk to them about that. But I AM kind of glad that they found nothing EXTREMELY serious or life threatening, but I still feel awful all the time. I have so many headaches, that sometimes I think I may have a brain tumor. I know, I worry WAY too much. I'm just anxious to talk to the doctors again. So basically, I was diagnosed with an H.pylori related infection, but I have symptoms such as: constant POUNDING heart, painful headaches and sinus pressure, increased hunger and sometimes NO appNO appetite. I shake alot too because my heart beats so hard and forceful. Dizziness and fatigue, and of course, anxiety. I'm going to be tested for cancer and lyme disease, and I hope I have neither. I also might get an ENDOSCOPY done. I just want my symptoms to go away and I want to feel healthy again. PLEASE HELP!! ANY HELP/ADVICE is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!
A: WPW Syndrome! I used to have it when I was younger, your symptoms sound just like mine. My heart would beat rapidly even when I was at rest and sometimes you could literally see it beating on my chest. I knew something was wrong with me when I was 3 but wasn't diagnosed until I was 11, because wpw syndrome is undetected by ultrasounds and Monitors unless you catch it while your having an episode. I suggest you go to a cardiologist that specializes in wpw syndrome and get your self on a heart Monitor. If it is wpw syndrome don't worry it is treatable by a minor procedure and medication, but make sure you get it figured out soon. Good luckIf you have anymore questions feel free to ask, I know how scary it can be when you know something is wrong with you but you cant figure it out.
what is wrong with my husband? why does he do this to us?
Q: i've known my husband for 10 years, and we've been married for 6. We have 3 kids together and a home and a good life. Our entire relationship has always been up and down, I think mainly due to his irrational decisions and actions when he's upset. He's done many childish, awful things that he later regrets and its always when he's upset or things dont go his way. He almost acts like a child having a tantrum. I've talked about it with him about this behavior, until Im BLUE IN THE FACE, on how it affects our marriage because he will cancel plans, slam doors, if Im watching TV he'll take the remote away, then toss if back to me (sometimes enough to let it hit me on the leg or arm, its usually when we're in bed) if I have the light on he'll turn it off, all in a tantrum over a simple fight or something. he's left me behind numerous times for family events because he gets upset, I've been ready to go. When he throws these fits he'll go outside have a smoke, come back in with this CALM and different attitude, but by that time Im so upset about his behavior that I cant even look at him, then he'll get upset if im upset at him! its all a mind game to him. I tell him, Im his wife he needs to act mature, respect me, and not have these tantrums when we're upset. He even mocks me at times when Im so upset at him or crying over his actions. At times he'll apologize, or sometimes just deny it or say Im the one at fault. He's never comfortable with me being upset at him, so he'll call me like crazy after everything until he gets me on his good side again. He'll call my work about 20x's a day if I dont pick up after a fight at home, and I choose to ignore him becaues of what he does. That upsets me even more, because after he causes his whole drama, then he wants me to just act like nothing happened and move on.. and its so draining on me and my mind. I feel like Im going to loose it one day.He recently ruined our 6yr anniversary, because every little arguement we had leading to our anniversary he'd say "Why are we even celebrating, 6yrs of this Sh*t"? so that prompted me to finally cancel dinner reservations (his words were so hurtful again), and when I cancelled them he got really upset and acted like a child and chose to leave the house to a family event and left me home, and he didnt even come home, he spent the night at his parents with our kids. I was so outraged and dont understand his behavior.I tell him its normal for us to have arguments and disagreements, but its how he handles them that is so wrong and hurtful. He does alot of this behavior in front of the kids who are (13,5,1), and that really breaks my heart. This is a real pattern in our life and I go through this at least once a week with him. Im so exhausted from his behavior, it drains me, upsets me, confuses me, and saddens me. Im at work right now typing this, and nearly in tears. Im a strong, independant woman, and I wonder why I've tolerated so much from his unhealthy behavior. I think its my kids, I dont want to separate them and have to deal with them living in different homes and all that. My 13yr old is from a previous relationship and I wouldnt want her to go through another separation.. it breaks my heart. Im so confused, sad and almost numb from all of this and dont know what is the best choice. Please dont tell me to just get out, Im not ready for that yet. I need some advice on how to handle this right now, and how to handle him for the time being until Im ready to leave him and I think that will be soon, im just waiting for my 1yr old to get a bit older.yes, he's had this behavior since I've known him, and i still chose to marry him, so I blame myself for so much and bringing my children into this. but too late for regrets, I have to deal with what is going on now. ** he's also had drinking issues in the past, that i deal with here and there when he drinks at home and thats been a whole other issue.Thanks so much for your advice I really need it right now, before I go into a anxiety attackhe also throw in divorce any chance he gets (been doing it for 6yrs) to get a reaction from me, then later tells me he doesnt mean it,what if he says no to marriage counseling? we tried it once but didnt even finish the session because we thought we were ok, and now he uses that as an excuse to not go again, he doesnt want to make the timemarilyn, i think you're right he was raised that being mean is ok, i see it in all his siblings all the time and when I tell him he denies it. My 13yr old did not go with him that day. Thanksthank you all for your advice it is all well taken, im in tears right now here in my office knowing what a problem I have and I know i have to do something about it. Im no angel, but I dont deserve this behavior either. Thank you.wow.. thank thank thank you, im taking everyone's advice very seriously and thank you for your well wishes. I've just made an appt with a counselor and all i can hope for is that he agrees to attend as well for the sake of our kids. I know in his heart he doesnt want to a divorce or to be this way, i can tell. But I honestly feel he cant help himself control or be better, does that mean bi-polar?
A: You are right, you do not deserve this and neither do your children. Do not blame yourself either. Love is sometimes blind sighted. First of all, it is important that you recognise this as abusive behaviour. He leaves you out of family events and he puts you down. He takes the children for the nights...Have you suggested counselling for both of you or individual counselling? I can only advice, do not play mind games back. Let him know firmly, that exactly what he says hurts you and leave the room. When he throws a tantrum, you need to leave the room and call someone to be of emotional support.He needs to see that you will not tolerate his behaviour and that you do have people you can go to as well.Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your children and even your husband, but be firm with him. If you need to cry, cry on another friend's shoulder, he needs to know how he makes you feel, but he does not need to see your weaknesses because that may make him want to hurt you more.I would go to individual counselling for yourself first. Have a support system, someone you can talk to or call at any time. Tell as many people as you know, do not let it be a family secret. Do not make him out to be a horrible person, but that he does need some help because it is draining you. For your own health, you can not keep this hidden or inside. Try to be the best mother you can be as well and make time for your children a part from him and get your mind off of it. When it comes time to deal with him, deal with him firmly. Like dealing with a teenager, be strong and let him know what he can and can't get away with. If it becomes too much leave the room and call someone. Do not make a phone call in front of him, it is just for you.I would in a good moment suggest counselling to him and tell him you love him but you guys need help.Good luck. I hope this helps.
Why do people continue to watch the shows the bachelor and bachlorette?
Q: The show is 100% fake and is all about ratings. All the show does is portray good people in a negative way. Perfect Example-Booted ‘Bachelor‘ babe Rozlyn Papa says she isn’t a cheater – just an honest mom. Days after being publicly accused of having sexual relations with a producer of the dating series and getting kicked off the show, the 28-year-old, divorced single mom is speaking out against ABC – while the ‘Bachelor’ himself admits that she broke his heart. When asked if she had sex with the man in question, Rozlyn told Entertainment Tonight, “Absolutely not. No. … I made good decisions. I did not choose to have sex with someone else.” “I absolutely feel betrayed by the show. … They want the ratings, and that’s what they’re getting,” she said, adding that the issue is affecting her young son. “This seeps into my personal life. I have a seven-year-old little boy at home that I want to look up to me, and to have this blatant lie out there perpetuated by the show itself, it’s hurtful. It’s scary to think what my son will think of me.”“Why would you go on national television and throw a mom under the bus like that?” she said about the network and the team behind the series. All the show does is suck in the idiots in america who actually believe in the crap.
A: I loathe that stupid show. I have never watched one episode and I wish it would never return, but it always does.

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