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What will help me miscarriage

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A:None of this is recommended. Physical exertion designed to bring about a miscarriage. Abdominal massage. Receiving blows to MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-will-help-me-miscarriage ]
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What will help me miscarriage
None of this is recommended. Physical exertion designed to bring about a miscarriage. Abdominal massage. Receiving blows to MORE?
Did i miscarriage? please help?
It sounds like a miscarriage...but you do need to go to the dr to be sure...also sometimes not everything comes out on its own during a miscarriage...sounds like you have a normal period so you should be ovulating about 10 days after the FI...
I can't seem to get over my miscarriage. Where can I get help??
Losing a baby is tragic no matter how early in pregnancy it happens, and it's a very touching experience. You might find it helpful to speak out about your situation with your mother, or sister, or a very close friend, or even a woman that ...

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If there is a problem with the fetus, like an ectopic pregnancy or a soon-to-be miscarriage, will it show up?
Q: I look incredibly pregnant and have had various signs of pregnancy, including the biggest one, missing periods and light spotting randomly. I haven't had a steady period in months, and I've had steady periods since the age of nine. Also, I have a round and large bump in my stomach, something I've never had. I've had extreme lower abdominal pain, and soreness in my ribs. I'm also on birth control and have, in the past, taken a Plan B (morning after) pill.I have taken two pregnancy tests, one in the middle of the day, and one when I first woke up. They are Clear Blue Easy Digital tests (the ones that say pregnant and not pregnant), and they both came out as "Not Pregnant". If there is a problem with the fetus would it show up on a home pregnancy test? I am going to a free clinic with my boyfriend on Friday to get an accurate pregnancy test. What kind of pregnancy test should I get and what questions should I ask?Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate this.
A: It depends how far along you are and how strong the pregnancy hormone (hcg) is. I would recommend a blood test because it will show even a slight amount of hcg. If something is happening ie. miscarriage they can tell by how much hcg is in your blood. Some people never show positive on a urine test. I got an extremely faint line 2 days after I miscarried. Good luck!
What are some signs of a miscarriage?
Q: My friend is pregnant, and she was tellin me that her breathing is getting heavy and she feels dizzy. But if she is having a miscarriage will the bleeding start right away? I googled it but couldnt find anything about when bleeding would occur. Help would be appreciated, cause i have no idea what to tell her.she also just told me that she felt warm umm leaking i guess coming out, any effect maybe?she's about 10 weeks at the most
A: it can start with cramping & bleeding might come later..how far along is she?..were more at risk of miscarriage the first 3 months (12 weeks) after that our chances minimizes..
I would just like to know, what happens when you miscarriage?
Q: I would just like to know, what happens when you miscarriage?I have PCOS and read that 45% of women may experience miscarriage. Is this percent true? It's such a large number, almost half will experience miscarriage, that is so sad and upsetting to know that!! Im so scared and sad to find out that statistics, I want to have a baby so much! More than anything!Please Help Me =(
A: I have read that up to 20% of ALL pregnancies end in miscarraige, many without the mother knowing she was even pregnant. So don't let that number freak you out-you will likely have a baby eventually.I have had three (and 2 healthy kids). They were ALL different.1. Nothing happened except-there was no growth, no heartbeat, finally began to bleed brown blood on the way to D&C. (Five week fetus which I carried an extra five weeks). I felt pregnant all this time.2. Major vomiting, loose bowels, and bleeding all at once. Like my body was doing a major cleaning. Did not need a D &C. Six and 1/2 weeks pregnant.3. Felt like a mild labor or pretty bad cramps over 24 hours, had to "push" at one point and I could tell which part was the baby (although it was tiny and badly deformed). Again did not need D & C. About eight weeks pregnant.I know the further along you are the more pain and (generally emotional pain) you will feel.This is very possibly TMI but wanted you to know that every baby and every woman is different.Don't give up hope, find a good doctor, take care of yourself, and here's to a healthy pregnancy.

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