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What are the side effects of drinking Rockstar Energy Drink

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Health risk associated with consuming these quantities of caffeine is the effect it has on heart rate and blood pressure.(MORE?) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-side-effects-of-drinking-rockstar-energy-drink ]
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What are the side effects of drinking Rockstar Energy Drink?
Health risk associated with consuming these quantities of caffeine is the effect it has on heart rate and blood pressure.(MORE?)
How do i counterbalance the effects of a Rockstar energy drink??
You'll need to flush it out of your system, so drink lots and lots of water.
What Are The Effects When YOu Drink Like 5 Rockstar Energy Drinks...?
you pee a whole whole lot, are taken to the emergency room, drink a lot of water, eat a king sized sub and are arrested.

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SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE! Addicted to Rockstar Energy Drinks!!?
Q: I am 29 years old (female) and have been drinking Rockstars FAITHFULLY for at least 4 years. I started out drinking a couple a week, at an accelorated rate I am now drinking 2 a day (minimum). The funny thing about it is that they do not give me energy because my body has a reversed reaction to things. Therefore, I can drink a Rockstsar and go straight to sleep. That being said, I do not drink them for energy, although I have no idea why I contnue to drink them. I am COMPLETELY ADDICTED!!! I crave them, I tried to stop drinking them and can't. I seriously can not explain why I continue to drink them other than the fact that I am addicted. The issue here is that I have been experiencing serious health issues that I believe are caused from drinking Rockstars such as:HAIR LOSSPanic attacksLoss of short-term MEMORY(can't remeber what I had for dinner last night)Nervous twitchesNumbness and tingling in my hands, arms and legsAnxietyShortness of breathInterrupted sleepGrinding of teethMy body's ability to heal takes much longer than normal (cut's brusises, etc.)High blood pressureMood swings (snap at the drop of a hat)The shakesThe list goes on and on...I have tried doing some research online and found that everyone is really unclear of real life side effects, meaning that not enough information on the side effects, other than the fact that heart palpatations, high blood pressure, etc. are a side effect, although those are a given with any type of caffine.So I would like to hear from you what side effects you have suffered and experienced as a result of drinking Rockstars or any type of energey drink. Let me know no matter how big or small, normal or weird.There is not enough research done on energy drinks out there so, I am conducting my own research. Please respond with only serious answers of your experiences.THANK YOU!
A: You are right. The issues you mentioned are from too many energy drinks.Caffeine is one of the culprits. The maximum safe level of caffeine intake per day we should consume is 300mg. Rockstars have 80mg per serving. A serving is only 8 ounces. so each can has 2 servings with 160mg. So just 2 cans a day puts you over that limit. Now for most people doing this on occasion will not harm them. But you now see the results of daily long term overuse of it.This is also complicated by all of the other stimulants in energy drinks. Even though each serving has 80 mg of caffeine the makers of energy drinks will recommend against having more than 2 servings a day. This is because of all of the total combined stimulants even tough 2 servings leave you at 160mg of caffeine.You do build up a tolerance too. That is why they don't give you energy any more. You seem to understand that too.Your safest bet is to stop cold turkey. However you will probably have some pretty severe withdrawel symptems from the caffeine. If that is the case I would recommend haveing a little green tea. It has only 30mg of caffeine per serving. It should help with the cravings without overdoing the caffeine. Plus green tea is really good for you too.It is also critical to drink plenty of water. It will really help to flush out all of the toxins currently in your system. Most people don't get enough as it is. For proper hydration and health we need 1 ouce for every 2 pounds of body weight plus 8 more ounces for every 20 minute of exercise or activity we do. With hot/dry days and climates we need even more. Caffeine dehydrates us so more is needed to offset that. I recommend 1 extra ounce for every 5 mg of caffeine consumed.Good luck. I know it won't be an easy recovery.RCA
Is it safe for my little sister and her friend to drink energy drinks?
Q: Well, my sister and her friend always bother me to run them to the store so they can buy a variety of little energy drinks. They buy stuff like red bull, monster, rockstar, vault, sobe, etc. They're 16oz bottles.I told her that I wouldn't do it anymore because I don't think it's good for their heart and since they're young (12&13). They claim they drink 2 bottles a day but I still don't trust them or even think that's safe. What i'm asking is if it's safe for them to drink itor what do you think their limit is and whatare the side effects?my little sister is a tiny girl and her friend is overweight.
A: Energy drinks are full of sugar, caffeine, and B12. B12 is not dangerous, but the caffeine and sugar are. Even diet versions are full of caffeine, which can be very damaging. Caffeine is an appetite stimulant and a diuretic, forcing water from the body and causing many people to eat more out of an artificial sense of hunger. Most of those drinks are also carbonated and the phosphoric acid present depleats bones of calcium, which is especially dangerous for teenagers, who should up their calcium intake to build stronger bones during adolescence. And 16oz is way too much, for even an adult it's ridiculous. No one needs these things, but even for those just wanting a boost, one 6-8oz serving is more than enough. They'd probably feel just as good (though not as cool) adding a good multivitamin to their diets. Maybe offer to buy them some other type of fancy drinks instead (juices like odwalla, naked, or some of the kerns nectars, even tea blends from sobe, snapple, hansens and POM are safer than the energy drinks, though they are still high in sugar). When I was younger, I felt really special when I was treated to a "cocktail" at my neighbors' house. The cocktails were always some sort of juice (usually orange, cranberry, or tropical guava or pineapple), mixed with a splash of 7up or hansen's soda, and occasionally featuring a drizzle of grenadine or other fruit syrup. These were always served in small, fancy glasses (6-8oz), over ice. As an older teenager, I tended towards juice mixes and gatorade (still sugary, but no caffeine). If you offer options, and explain why the energy drinks are so bad for her age group, maybe she'll change her habits. Good Luck! ^_^
Which energy drink is the best?
Q: I want to know what's the best. I drink a lot of Rockstar, Rockstar Juiced, Amp and Amp Overdrive. I drank a Bawls once. It tasted like creme soda, not my favorite, Monster isn't the best either. After some hesitation with the warnings on the can and everything, I tried a Spike. It didn't do much by way of side effects and it was almost TOO fruity, but it managed to keep me up until 4:30 AM :-) What do you guys think? Is there some amazing energy drink out there I haven't tried already? Is there one that doesn't involve the 'crash' after it wears off? Or is this as good as it gets?
A: Hands down, XS Energy Drink is the best! It comes in 12 different flavors/varieties (with a couple caffeine-free alternatives) and has none of the negatives of the other big-name drinks out there. Your energy comes from the 4900% Vitamin B12 (your body safely disposes of any B12 it can't metabolize) and a moderate amount of caffeine. The "crash" you refer to generally comes from the initial sugar rush, which is not a possibility with XS. It makes you feel as though you've gotten a couple good nights' sleep, NOT like you've just been injected with pure adrenaline. Cost is comparable to Red Bull. Flavors include Citrus, Cola, Root Beer, Cran-Grape, Tropical, Black Cherry Cola, Cherry, Tea Berry, Lemon...BevNet.com has reviews.

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