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How long does it take for a miscarriage to complete

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A:A miscarriage can take hours, days or even weeks to unfold. 1-800-2ChaCha for unlimited questions! You call, we text. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-for-a-miscarriage-to-complete ]
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How long does it take for a miscarriage to complete
A miscarriage can take hours, days or even weeks to unfold. 1-800-2ChaCha for unlimited questions! You call, we text.

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Only for those who have had a miscarriage. How long does it take for your period to return?
Q: I was 7 weeks along when I found out I had miscarried. Once a miscarriage is complete (completed on it's own), how long on average does it take for your period to return? I've read it can be about 3-6 weeks, but I'd like to hear it from people that have actually gone through this.
A: I am so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage at around 7 weeks, and it took about 6 weeks after it was complete for my period to return. I also had one very early, and that only took about 3 weeks for it to come back. I think everyone's body is different, and stress and being upset can delay it as well.
How long does it take for your periods to return to normal after a miscarriage?
Q: I had a complete miscarriage on the 1st of july, but I still haven't had a period at all yet. how long does it take before my body should go back to normal.I want to start trying again asap.......does anyone know how long or if I should wait a while before I start trying to get pregnant again?
A: It depends, i miscarried and i didn't get a period til 8 weeks later. Then after my 1 period i fell pregnant and now have a healthy 14 week baby girl. You're very fertile after you miscarry so there's nothing stopping you from trying again. Try not to stress and it will all happen when the time is right. Good luck.
How long does a miscarriage take?
Q: i recently found out that i was pregnant with my second child but when i went back to the doctor for my ultrasound we found that my babies heart beat was gone and our precious angel had passed away. well it is almost a month later now and our baby is still inside of me passed away but hasen't been miscarried yet. today i started spotting a few drops of brownish red blood but it was only a few drops and then stopped. what i would like to know is if there is anyone out there that has been in this situation and how long did it take before the miscarriage was actually started and completed. what exactly happens to you when you are going through a miscarriage and is it very painful. basically i would like to know what to expect. i realize this is a tough thing to talk about once you have experienced it but i would really appreciate any thing ya'll could tell me. i am just really stressed out and scared and i would really like for this miscarriage to be completed so i can get on with the grieving process. thank you so much and God bless all of ya'll.
A: I am so terribly sorry. I have gone through the same thing and am currently going through it again. It is called a missed miscarriage when the baby dies but your body does not recognize the loss. I had my first missed m/c a year ago. We saw our peanut's heartbeat at 7 weeks, went for a second ultrasound at 9 weeks and found no growth from the first u/s (Heartbeat stopped the day we saw it). I miscarried naturally at what would have been 11 weeks. It took me a total or 4 weeks. This time around, same thing but it has been 2 weeks and I still haven't miscarried. Spotting was the first indicator that the m/c was starting for me. It started brown and then turned to red. Once it turned red it took 3 days until I miscarried. It was painful. Though the baby stops growing the gestational sac does not and that is what you will pass. I got some Vicodin from my doctor and it really helped. I started cramping badly in the morning, like contractions, and my m/c completed that evening. I was not in pain all day, just the first couple of hours until the Vicodin kicked in. I did bleed a lot but it pretty much stopped after I passed the tissue. I did not need a D&C as everything passed. Do get some pain meds that work for you and have a hot water bottle or heating pad handy. The heat helped me. Your doctor may suggest Misoprostol to start your m/c. I highly suggest you do your best to wait this out as Misoprostol can cause quite painful contractions. Please contact me through my profile if you have any questions. I know I did and had a hard time finding answers to my questions.God bless

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