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How far along in your pregnancy do you have to be to have a miscarriage

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A:A miscarriage can happen any time after implantation. Some women who have them didn't even know they were pregnant yet. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-far-along-in-your-pregnancy-do-you-have-to-be-to-have-a-miscarriage ]
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How far along in your pregnancy do you have to be to have a misca...?
A miscarriage can happen any time after implantation. Some women who have them didn't even know they were pregnant yet. ChaCha on!
How far along in pregnancy would a miscarriage necessitate a C-se...?
In very early pregnancy, before about 16 weeks, if the baby died it would either pass spontaneously, or, as in the case of a missed miscarriage, the baby would not be expelled fromn the uterus naturally for many weeks and some women choose ...
How do I know how far along I am if my pregnancy is following a m...?
I would think that you probably ovulated 2 weeks after your miscarriage (usually your period returns 4 weeks after m/c so m/c is looked at like your last period) - though this certainly may not be accurate. An ultrasound/your doctor can con...

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How late can a miscarriage occur in order to have it leave your body naturally?
Q: If someone is 9 weeks pregnant and has a miscarriage does the baby come out naturally in your period or is that to far along in a pregnancy? Would it need to be removed in a surgery? In the ultrasound you can already see the baby's shape.It is known that the baby has been lost. I just dont know if it can come out on its own or if there is surgery that would need to be done?It is known that the baby has been lost. I just dont know if it can come out on its own or if there is surgery that would need to be done?
A: I CHOSE to have a natural miscarriage at 9 weeks. Everything came out on it's own. It wasn't pretty, but at least I knew that there was no chance the ultrasound was mistaken in missing a heartbeat. If nothing comes out for a week or more with no heartbeat or growth, then you will probably need a D&C, also if you naturally miscarry and some tissue shows up on an ultrasound once the bleeding stops. I'm so sorry for your loss; I'll be praying for you.
How far along were you when you first start it showing on your second or third pregnancy?
Q: I have a son who is turning 2 years in May so in 4 months and a half and I had a miscarriage a few months ago then I found out that I was yet pregnant again, I just turn 7 weeks this past sunday and I've start it to show, I did gain some weight but not as much as you would think if you seen my belly. I know that all pregnancies are different plus the sex of the baby has a lot to do with it and I think that this time I'm having a girl or at least all the symptoms are completely different then what I had with my son also the chinese lunar calendar for 2010 says that I'm having a girl, would that have something to do with or the miscarriage or because is my second well my third pregnancy, or is it the sex of the baby that decides the weight you put on or if you show or not like I said I haven't gain that much I'm just showing real early and with my son maybe because it was my first baby or it was a boy but I didn't start showing until I turn 6 months.
A: the sex of the baby has nothing to do with symptoms or weight gain..i have 2 boys my first i gained 60 lbs no morning sickness and i craved sweets, my second i gained 23 lbs and had severe nausea/morning sickness lost weight in the beginning and craved salty things...the chinese calendar predicted girl for my second...i had a boy.....but it was right for my 1st :) everyone is different though...also i started showing at around 4 months with my first and started showing at 2 months with my 2nd
Long pregnancy question, unsure how far I am, really appreciate your help?
Q: Hi all, Brace yourself for a complicated one!!!History, 1st m/c July 2009- missed miscarriage at 6 wks had d & c at 9weeks,2nd m/c November 2009 found out pregnant at 4 weeks, starting bleeding at 4w5days and had negative test on 5wks 5days bloods were HCG 80 and progesterone was 8 so hospital said complete miscarriage.On Monday it would've been week 5 of the 4-6 week wait for period to return. I did a test as told to by OH and it was positive! Digital one that said 3+ from ovulation says doctors would take as 5+weeks pregnant. It makes sense really as we had been having sex (took me 3 months to ovulate after first m/c) and over the last 2 weeks I had been complaining of feeling sick. This week I've felt really sick, especially in the first half of the day and after eating. I feel bloated and OH has agreed I look like I have a bump shape. Cant really breathe in now! Im usually a 10 but am bigger now due to shape. I sneezed yesterday and had a stabbing pain in my tummy, I ve had lots of stretching feelings and twinges but I think due to the previous m/c I feel more on edge.These all sound like good symptoms??? Ive been taking my folic acid since I found out. I have a hospital appointment next tuesday (which is still 4 days away!) for a scan to see if the pregnancy is viable and how far along I am. Ok so I have a few questions, Do my above symptoms sound good? Is it at all possible I can still be pregnant from November and been carrying twins and lost one?? would I have got a negative test?? How far would you think I was now If I got a negative on Nov 30th and now positive at 3+/5+?? What do you think about my situation!! My midwife say I have no bleeding so I shouldn't be concerned and just because I haven't had a period and had 2 m/c before I'm not at any more risk of having another miscarriage. I'm trying to bare in mind i'm pregnant eating healthy etc but dont want to get my hopes up incase its bad news on Tuesday. Thanks for your help everyone, I really appreciate it!
A: if you are getting 3+ you could be anywhere over 5 weeks pregnant. i would just hold out for a dating scan at your dr's office on tuesday as its impossible to guess... i would imagine this is a new pregnancy if you are getting a 3+ on the digi's though.. it took me til 5w+3 to get a 3+ so your levels have to be pretty decent.from you getting a negative on 30th november you must be 5 to 6 weeks pregnant. if you ovulated two weeks after the 30th or just a little later than that you are about 5w5d or thereabouts. i think this is for sure a new pregnancy you cant get a negative then a fresh positive without it being a new pregnancy.your bloating and 'bump' shape are from the bloating that is so common around 5 or 6 weeks. it is horrible and uncomfortable but very very normal as is the sickness.i miscarried at 5w5d and then conceived immediately again 3 weeks later had a bfp it is sooo possible to happen. you only need 1 good bd in the right moment. tentative congratulations but i think for sure you are newly pregnant again and they should be able to do you a dating scan as you must be coming up for 6 weeks by tuesday or middle of the 5th week at least. best of luck and fingers tightly crossed but i cant think how else you would have got that 3+ after a negative any other way. even a twin that survived you wouldnt have had negatives they would have stayed positive throughout. good luck on tues please keep us posted. x

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