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How do you get rid of low blood pressure

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Low blood pressure can sometimes be good with increased oxygen and vitamin K intake. Please talk with your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-rid-of-low-blood-pressure ]
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How do i get rid of low blood pressure?
You haven't provided any information about yourself, including age, any medication you are taking or medical history. How low is your BP and are you experiencing any symptoms? How long has your blood pressure been low for? Generally spe...
Can you get rid of low blood pressure?
yes try eating better add more potatoes and bananas in case your postassium is low drink plenty of water try boost or ensure
How to Get Rid of Low Blood Pressure with Home Remedies
・ 1 Drink a cup of raw beetroot juice twice daily to notice significant improvement in the disease just... ・ 2 Mix 30-40 grains of spikenard with a pinch of camphor and cinnamon.Alternatively, add 20gms of spikenard... ・ 3 Dissolve one and ...

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How do you get rid of low blood pressure?
Q: My friend has low blood pressure and i was wondering how you get rid of it. In track he runs usually the 3200m (2 miles). he has to bring water wherever he goes so he doenst pass out
A: Low blood pressure is a good thing unless it's under 90/50. Most athletes have a low blood pressure... just because their bodies are so physically fit their hearts do not need to pump so hard. Also, children generally have lower blood pressures than adults.If his blood pressure is dropping because of dehydration, he may need to gain some weight. This is a common problem for very thin people. Other than that, he just needs to make sure he's well hydrated before participating in any activities.Hope that helps!
How can I lower my blood pressure quickly?
Q: I'm on the heavy side & I've been taking medication for my blood pressure but it doesn't seem to be working all of a sudden. I've had a headache for a week & nothing seems to get rid of it. I decided to stop drinking coke or anything containing caffeine. I don't have insurance so I would have to spend the whole day in a county emergency room. What do you recommend I do to lower my blood pressure quickly but safely? Thanks for your advise.
A: Hi,I suggest you should try Transcendental Meditation. Its effective to control human blood pressure. You can have the Transcendental Meditation here,http://the-transcendental-meditation.blogspot.com/ThanksNarza
high blood pressure??? question?
Q: i always hear people talking about their blood pressure and i dont really know what it is so i just had a couple questionswhat exactly is high/low blood pressure??how do you get it???how do you get rid of it??those machine thingys where you put your arm in a tube and it squishes you... is that to measure you blood pressure?well, yesterday i went to walmart to try to get some hand sanitizer because my mom asked me to because of that flu thats going around, i was with my fiance and he was at the pharmacy for a while so i sat down at a machine and measured my blood pressure and it said it was high, i dont remember exactly what numbers it said but both of the numbers were atleast 20 above what it said was normal. so i did it again and again and each time it said the same thing :( i called my aunt whose a nurse and told her about it but she told me that it was probably wrong and to not worry about it because im 19, 5'4" and 140 lbs and it only happened to obese people or people who have diabetes or cholesterol
A: well, the other two have given you good answers to what blood pressure is. let me just say that aunt is probably right. those machines in those places don't always work properly, you really need a professional to monitor it. everyone's bp goes up and down at times. your young and probably don't have a problem. stress will cause your pressure to go up as well and since your getting ready for your wedding i imagine you're experiencing some stress. next time your at the doctor, just ask them how it is and then if it's high ask if he thinks it needs to be monitored to see if you need medication to control it.

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