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Do you pee alot when you have a miscarriage

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A:I don't see anything about urinating a lot during a miscarriage. You will always bleed and have cramping. Please see your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-pee-alot-when-you-have-a-miscarriage ]
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Do you pee alot when you have a miscarriage
I don't see anything about urinating a lot during a miscarriage. You will always bleed and have cramping. Please see your doctor.

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Pregnant or not or miscarriage?
Q: Ok, my husband and i have been trying to conceive for a year now and within that year we have had 4 miscarriages. About three weeks ago i have been having some signs of being pregnant, looking fatter, peeing alot, and eating more. So i took two home pregnancy and they both came up negative. But i dont really know how to chart myself on my ovulation because i am irregular, so i have never really known when i am ovulating or not. So i am asking for help because i am getting sad that i cant get pregnant. I need advice for what i should do. Thank you.
A: I'm so sorry for your loss. If you don't know when you are ovulating you would be best using ovulation predictor kits, I have the same problem with irregular periods, and it does make it more difficult. You can also check your cervix, if it is low and firm, and feels like a closed "o" you are not ovulating. when it gets higher, and softer with a more open "o" you are approaching, or actually ovulating. Your cm also changes, when you are about to ovulate it will change to an egg white look and consistancy that is stretchy. After you ovulate it will start to go tacky and change colour again being less transparent. I really hope you are pregnant and everything goes smoothly for you this time. Baby dust xx
Pregnant a few weeks after a miscarriage?
Q: i just had a miscarriage about 3 weeks ago give or take a few days. or so i thought? i never went to a doctor because i figured the last two just completed and done and i am so tired of doctors. but even a few weeks after the miscarriage i still have swollen/sore breasts, nausea all times of the day, peeing alot, constipated (never happens to me), headaches (also never get em), lower belly is slightly swollen which usually only happens when i am getting a period, weird food cravings like pickles and pepercini's, lots of fatigure, all i do is sleep now, and last but not least i'm getting so annoyed with the way things are smelling! i swear i thought i could smell something skunk like in my kitchen and my mom and husband told me they smell nothing. i'm kind of wondering if i even miscarried. i know it was a small lump of what appeared to be a miscarriage, it was grey just like my last two. i also had sex a few days later, well fooled around and his penis def was near the area. so what do you think newly preggo or maybe still pregnant from before or not at all? also i'm getting tissue like peices in my urine which the nurses and doctors tell me is completely normal during any pregnancy as long as there is no blood or heavy cramping or clotting and i got nothing. and lots of heartburn lately too! please help, sorry it's so long.oh sorry stats, i'm 24, been pregnant two other times maybe three this last time, first two ended in miscarriage for sure. i have pcos and hpv. i'm on birth control but often forget to take it at the same time everyday- use it mainly for the pcos. doctor put me on a hormone before the birth control and i think that's how i got pregnant to begin with. i'm married as well for those who need to know that. lol! thanks.
A: I think you should go back into the Dr and get a ultra sound and find out for sure. The stress of it all if you are still pregnant is not good for you. And if you have a ultra sound then you will know for sure. Sorry that I can't be more help. Good Luck
Miscarriage early November, still no period...?
Q: Ok, so here we go... On November 8th, 2008 I had a miscarriage (2nd one) and the bleeding lasted about 1 week. Around the 29th of November my husband and I had unprotected sex, then again twice in December and once so far in January. I have heard that it is extremely easy to get pregnant right after miscarriage but how do you go by that? It's been 2 months since I have had the miscarriage and still no period. The only thing I have seen is a little tiny bit of brown blood when I wiped yesterday. What the heck is going on? It shouldn't take this long to get me period... There really aren't that many signs of pregnancy except for the old blood, no period and peeing alot (which I didn't think happend until later on in pregnancy) I have taken a test and it came out negative and that was a few days ago. It could be just to early for me to tell, b/c I know that with me, I have to be in mt 6-7th week to get a positive on a HPT. So, if anyone has had any experience with this before, please help! I know it only takes one time to get pregnant, but with me it has always been hard to get pregnant, now it just kinda seems if I am... it's weird. Has anyone gotten pregnant right away after miscarriage? Anything would help! Thank you!
A: I have gotten pregnant within a month after having a miscarriage. You very well could be pregnant as you would be more fertile during that time after your miscarriage. I would call your doctor and ask for a blood test to confirm everything. I really wish you the best of luck and if you are pregnant make sure the doctor keeps a close eye on this pregnancy just because of how soon it is after the miscarriage. I hope this helps

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