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Can being nervous raise blood pressure

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Being nervous can raise your blood pressure, it's known as White Coat Hypertension where bp is high when doctor checks it only. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-being-nervous-raise-blood-pressure ]
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Will Energea make me nervous, raise my blood pressure or give me ...?
Since it is not a stimulant, Energea will not raise blood pressure, make you nervous or give you palpitations like other energy boosting stimulants or herbal products.

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Can white coat syndrome raise your blood pressure alot?
Q: so I was at the doctor the other day and he wanted to take my blood pressure, I didnt want him to but finally let him because I have a fear or my blood pressure being high, anyways it turned out to be 200/100! I have had a fear of getting my blood pressure taken now for years, I get very nervous....just as nervous as doing a public speech or something like that. Anyways im getting a 24 hour monitor to see what it is when im not nervous, but how much can stress raise ones blood pressure....and nerves? Thanks
A: Nerves and stress raise it a lot. If you take your pulse at your neck while chilling and watching TV and then take it when you get a fright or are having road rage or some other stressful situation you will notice a massive difference. Try not to be afraid of doctors, they are there to help you. Better to find out that there is something wrong with you and deal with it than to suddenly drop dead from something that was avoidable.
Does taking a medicine for hypertension protects from sudden raises of blood pressure?
Q: My blood pressure can raise suddenly due to stress,anger or sadness..It happened the last time last week when a friend of mine had her son ten days in coma then he passed away..I started over my medicine that i had stopped 2y ago when i had the last attack of hypertension.taking regulary my medicine will help for these sudden raises of blood pressure to stop or am i still in threat.What I hv is called nervous hypertension.I'm taking a beta-blocker yes,called(bisoprol fumarate)
A: No, That's how the system works. If you are stressed then the pressure MUST rise, in order to drive more blood round. If you ried to stop this (and succeeded) you'd pass out. Your system is working fine with or without meds. I'd stop taking themEDIT: Beta blockers will inevitably RAISE your systolic pressure for any given cardiac work level, and therefore increase your risk of having a stroke, or aneurism.Don't take them. Nothing much wrong wit ACE inhibitors, but they don't do any good either. But they all have side-effects... why take them? Soon you'll get more tablets - to mitigate the side effects..
Can anxiety/panic attacks increase Blood Pressure reading?
Q: For the entire month of September and into October, I experienced Anxiety on almost a daily basis, and panic attacks about 3-4 times per week. Prior to taking my Blood Pressure, I freaked out, my heart was racing, and I was really nervous. My Blood pressure read 165/86. Does a panic attack/anxiety increase or distort the Blood Pressure reading? Other than anxiety, I'm pretty healthy. I don't eat meat, only fish. And I'm not really overweight (10-15 lbs at the most), and I've never had a history of High Blood Pressure. Every time before the month of september, my blood pressure was normal. Is it reading high because I freak out and panic now when I take a blood pressure reading? By how many points can freaking out and panicking raise the reading?
A: Anxiety / panic attacks by their very nature increase the heart rate - this will effect the reading if you took your blood pressure at that time. Stress can contribute to high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be caused by a number of reasons, the most common include genetic factors, obesity, smoking, alcohol and prolonged stress.Panic attacks can happen anywhere and at anytime. Symptoms include several of the following: dizziness or feeling faint, palpitations, increased heart rate, sweating, trembling or shaking, difficulty breathing, feeling of choking or nausea, chest pain, numbness or tingling sensations, chills or hot flushes, feelings of unreality and detachment, fear of losing control, fear of dying, and a sense of great danger and an urge to escape.The symptoms of a panic attack can last anywhere from several seconds to about ten minutes. Occasionally the symptoms come in 'waves' for up to 2 hours.I know it is easy to say than do, but try not to think too much about 'being stressed' as this can cause anxiety/panic attacks and lead to high blood pressure. Try to look at the cause of stress (stressors) and see if you can eliminate them. If you haven't already contact your local GP - I'm sure your doctor would be able to advise you properly. In some cases you may be referred to CMHT, community mental health team who will be able to give you expert advice, guidance and support. Good luck and good health. Just remember you are not alone, one in four people in this country suffer from a mental illness at some time in their lives and stress related illnesses are ranked the highest.

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