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Can an STD cause a miscarriage

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A:Having an untreated STD during pregnancy can mean an increased risk of miscarriage or preterm delivery. See a doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-an-std-cause-a-miscarriage ]
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Can an STD cause a miscarriage
Having an untreated STD during pregnancy can mean an increased risk of miscarriage or preterm delivery. See a doctor. ChaCha!
Can Certain STD’s Cause Higher Risks Of Miscarriage??
Sexually transmitted diseases can affect a person in any number of ways. Some STDs, such as Chlamydia, may have little or no symptoms, making those who suffer from the disease unaware that they even have it, often until after it begins to h...

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Can a very early term miscarriage cause an infection?
Q: If a women was 2 to 3 weeks pregnant, to early to test positive on hpt's and had a miscarriage could it possibly turn into an infection if all the tissue did not exit the body? Beginning on the 18th I was having sore nipples, extremely tired, nauseous, and emotional. Then when I got my period 3 days early (27th), my symptoms seemd to have stopped except for the nausea, it was very painful and irregular, only lasting about a day and half and then spotting on and off for a few days. Got a pelvic infection that I think started on the 31st forced me to go into the er on the 2nd.Tested NEGATIVE for BV, (Bacterial Vaginosis) and std's so its NOT std's. Was told the BV test could have given a false negative. Dr. did pregnancy test but negative. So were all the other tests, so they don't know what exactly caused it thought it could have been BV. I know woman need to be pregnant for a certain amount of time for it to show up on the tests. Dr.'s put me on two different antibiotics and shotDr.'s also did altrasound, ct scan, pelvic exam and ct scan-would anything show on these if it was that early?
A: i think they would be able to tell cuz your uterus changes right away
What is the oddest/most ridiculous thing you have had a question/answer violation for?
Q: I joined only just yesterday and I seen this woman ask if she was pregnant despite using the withdrawl method.I told her that the withdrawl method was extremely ineffective and that the symptoms she was describing (including a miscarriage) were the latter signs of Chlamydia.I couldn't believe they rejected my answer cause they said it was adult: Sure I used the term pre-cum but do you really think this woman who doesn't use condoms but relies on the withdrawl method would know what Cowper's fluid (the proper name for pre-cum)?Question Details: i have being using the pull out method with my finance cause i was on the pill for 4 years and had to come of it cause of illness and i am allergic to condoms. i am happily engaged now for 2 years in feb and we have our own home. i was pregnant in 2007 but it sadly ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks which was the hardest thing we ever went true. i have being using the pull out method since Dec my period used to come every 28 days but its between 28 and 32 days now. i had my last period on the 3rd of may but on the 1st of may i had spotting of brown blood it only lasted a couple of mins and the same on the 2nd two days before my period my period lasted around 4 days it was not that heavy just normal. for the past 2 weeks or so i have being feeling sick but not getting sick my nipples on my boobs are stingy i am constipated needing to urinate more tired more, even if i had a 8-10 hour sleep i still wake up and be really wreaked. i not really sure when i am due my periods cause it could be between the 28-32 days but never over that. do ye think i could be pregnant did anything like this happen to you?? sorry if it hard to read i was in a rush but thank you for your time and answers xox :)My answer with details added in response to rants:The withdrawl method? Are you serious? Come on, Sperm can survive on a mans' penis for 48 hours and even pre *** can contain 40 million sperm.More often than not the morning sickness takes place between 12-16 weeks and breast sensitivity between 16-24 weeks. If you are allergic to condoms why not use polyurethane condoms? They are 1-2% less effective but unless you are allergic to polyurethane, which I doubt you are as there as about 200 objects just in the kitchen containing the substance then you should be using these. There is also the contraceptive injection, diaphragm, contraceptive implant and the coil to consider. Why would you be so stupid as to use this method?Also, the symptoms you are describing sound like the later stages of Chlamydia. Belated/irregular periods, sore breasts, an increase in bladder activity and nausea or all late symptoms of Chlamydia. If I were you, i'd get checked out as Chlamydia can cause miscarriages, infertility, still births and blindness in new born babies.Oh and i'm not making fun. It's just something I know about and feel pretty strongly about. If you were ready for a child you would be taking the steps towards having one, not trying to prevent it by using lacking methods. I was just letting you know the dangers of the situation you could be inP.S Thanks Clare for your rant on my question for telling you that you could have an STD. Also, you aren't the only one who has lost a child. Stop acting so high and mighty. If you have been having sex without condoms, there is a more than increased chance you could have Chlamydia. I used to be a nurse FFS.Inappropriate?It got me wondering what you had rejected and been penalised for...They didn't say it was because I was abusing anyone (which I wasn't) it was described as: ADULT CONTENT.Also, her answer never got deleted from my question which was just a load of insults and profanities.
A: It wasn't deleted because of that. Most likely the user reported you or you were deleted for insulting her. Insults/rants against other users are against community guidelines. Anyway to answer your question I had this question deleted because it was consider chatting."Have your f88lings ever been hurt on here before"?
Is this question crazy ? Does it even make sense ?
Q: This might be the craziest question I've asked. I don't even know if it makes sense. If you support the theory that immunological factors can cause miscarriage, then please tell me if you think this is possible or if I'm out of my mind. Say a person got an STD from a partner's infected semen (say the got a couple different std's from this person over the course of time). Could a woman's body then create antibodies to his semen or the contents of his semen? If it were possible to create antibodies to a specific person's semen and a woman became pregnant by the sperm in that semen, could her body see that embryo or fetus as foreign and harmful and attack it ? I hope I'm making sense. Could this be possible ?
A: Turns out it is possible for a woman to develop an immune reaction to a man's semen (first link), and that this can lead to fertility problems for the couple (second link).I didn't find any cases where a woman with anti-semen antibodies got pregnant, so I don't know what might happen. I suppose it could create problems, analogous to what happens with Rh factor, but only if the fetus expresses the same proteins from the semen that the woman's immune system is reacting to. That seems unlikely, but not impossible.Great question!

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