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Which is better beautiful or gorgeous

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Gorgeous is dazzlingly beautiful so that would make it a little better than beautiful. Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-is-better-beautiful-or-gorgeous ]
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What's a better compliment? Beautiful or Gorgeous?
First.I think you should never tell a girl she's HOT or SEXY.! In my opinion that's disrespectful.Personally I hate those two words. 1.Beautiful.It makes a girl feel like she's a queen in my opinion. 2.Gorgeous.Like beautiful,gorgeous is al...
Which is better gorgeous or beautiful?
Beautiful, because it can mean someone's attractive on either the inside or out, but gorgeous usually just means attractive on the outside.
What is a love word better than beautiful or gorgeous??
stunning, exquisite, breath-taking, or, if you want it to be a little more sexy, i suppose you could use delicious....

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Do woman prefer to be called pretty, beautiful or gorgeous? And which word is better?
Q: I just started dating, again I was with my ex for a really long time. I'm young and this really feels like the first time I've ever dated as an adult. I think beautiful and gorgeous is better than pretty but I'm not sure. I'm not even sure which one is appropriate to say to someone on a new date.
A: don't say anything, just let your actions and the fact that you are there and enjoying their company fill the question of whether you think they are attractive.Saying it is cheesy and sounds like you are trying to play them!
Which is better gorgeous or beautiful?
Q: idk its hard choosing between these two i just want to know which one is a stronger word to use .
A: I prefer beautiful,...gorgeous is kinda,...um,...less meaningful
Females- is beautiful better than gorgeous or does it really matter?
Q: i prefer to call females gorgeous because everyone says beautiful but i think that gorgeous has a higher "ranking." Does it really matter though?
A: beautiful/gorgeous/stunning are mainly the same...cute is usually more younger looking/child-like, and doesn't usually sum up as good as being called beautiful/gorgeous/stunning...

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