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What is the best thing to put on acne

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Toothpaste does more than help you achieve a winning smile. When dabbed on a pimple, toothpaste can get rid of it by morning. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-thing-to-put-on-acne ]
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What is the best thing to clear acne
Cleanliness is the first and foremost thing one with acne has to practice. Washing the hands and face five to eight times a MORE?
What is the best thing for acne?
I don't know what the "best" thing is, but I've had a lot of luck and so has my nephew with tea tree oil soap. Hope this helps.
What is the best thing to use for acne?
Besides, you can use fruit as a good acne treatment: mango, pawpaw, grapefruit or any fruit that has lots of acid. Apply the fruit directly to your skin or use it to make a mask by mashing it into a pulp. Leave the mask for fifteen minutes ...

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whats a good thing 2 put on acne if u only have a little bit and u dont want 2 put it everywhere on ur face?
Q: like those blemish acne spot treatments or like boo-boo zap from benefit. what works?
A: Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment, Vanishing Formula ~Less Irritation, Won't Dry Out Skin. Relieves redness of acne pimples and overdrying of skin.~Minimizes Shine. Invisible formula contains natural, oil-absorbing ingredients that help soak up oil and keep skin looking shine-free. ~Long-Lasting Protection. Works hour after hour to give long-lasting acne treatment and protection. With regular use, it helps stop new pimples before they appear.You just wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Apply On-the -Spot directly on acne pimples. Apply once a day , then 2 or 3 times daily.You can find more info about this product at the link below:http://www.drugstore.com/qxp16553_333181_sespider/neutrogena_on_the_spot/acne_treatment_vanishing_formula.htm
Whats the best thing to put on those marks left after a scab comes off?
Q: i always get acne scabs and i try not to pick at them but its really hard when they are peeling off and it looks awful...i pull them off or they come off in the shower and im left with light red, pink, or dark brown marks...what is the best thing to put on them? vitamin e cream, maderma, what? also how long will they last?
A: fresh aloe vera plant gel, squeeze from leaf. they will be with you the rest of your life
Is it bad to put acne stuff on right after popping a zit?
Q: I remember my mom saying that when you pop a zit, if you put stuff on after it cleans it and like makes the zit go away, and I just popped one and I was going to put my Noxzema acne pad thing on my face, but it has salicylic acid so it's pretty strong and I don't know if it'll help the zit go away or not?
A: this is what i do.......so after i pop the zit i put alcohol on it to dy it out. then i put a little dap of honey on it...[it makes the redness and the swelling go away...it also makes the skin soft]then if i am still nerveous about it i put acne cream on...if you want to keep the oil off your face do a weekly mud mask (works great)using the Noxzema will do fine....it will clean it out...HOPE I HELPED :]

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