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How do i know if i am ugly

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For honest results one could post a picture online and ask perfect strangers on the street. They will tell you if you are ugly. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-know-if-i-am-ugly ]
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No one is ugly; everyone is pretty in their own way.
People will tell you or you'll get the idea. But groups are different. I was introduced to a group of people when I was 10. This group was shut off from the rest of the world (a cult). Because of their inbreeding, they saw me as pure ugline...

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how do u know if he thinks u r ugly..or not that good to deserve him? ur help guys?
Q: like if u r friends hiding some feelings for each other and afraid to tellwhat things he says or does make u feel u r pretty or ugly in his eyes?i mean how do girl know if her friend thinks she is ugly, or she is beautiful?
A: wtf?not enuf info
I feel ugly cause I am dark skinned black? Should I bleach my skin?
Q: Well, I am in the 8 grade and everyone always made fun of my dark skin they say it ugly and I am African but i am not i was Born in America. When the teacher talk about Africa in history they be asking me do you chasing lions and eat lion blood Africa. Everyone always hate me for begin dark skinned. The Putero Ricans,White,Asians always get the boys and the girls. I am jealous of white,Spanish,Asian girls they always get the boys,attention and have pretty skin and long pretty hair and pretty hazel,blue eyes. I wish that god made me Latina cause every man want one. Why dark skin black people have it hard and have no attention and called ugly and nappy hair.
A: Do , not let people change the way you feel about yourself. You are just as american as they are. People like that are extremely rude and inconsiderate , don't let it get to you.
I feel ugly even though I am truly not?
Q: I am 4 ft. 9 in. I have naturally long dark hair dark eyes and darker (I am Norwegian Italian Native American) skin......I wear size 4 jeans but I weigh 119 lb...I always feel fat I wear a 36 c bra but my waist is really small and my thighs its just that my boobs and hips are big........everybody says curves are the best but even though I have been offered a job at hooters I still feel sooo horrible about how I look.......whenever I buy pants I end up silently sobbing my heart out in the dressing room. People always say I look good...and once I have a bf (Im 17) and he said I was soo beautiful always said I looked so nice and my friends would say his friends where jealous of him being with me.....so why do I always end up feeling so horrible doing 500 sit ups a night crying when I see how I look even when its not that bad and everyday I do see (I truly apologize to anyone who this might offend as people cannot really help what they look like as to genetics i.e. good legs, bad legs, no butt bad nose)people who are truly not attractive. So whats wrong with me? Does anybody else feel like this just horrible???? I never take pictures of myself, I live on celery, oranges and ricecakes....I just feel sooo sad and horrible I am sorry this was long
A: Well I checked out your profile and you answered this on someone else's question:"Ur just like me I was sooo ugly when I was younger but in the last year I became pretty I'm still not exactly sure what happened..now when I walk I sometime hear people say "wow she's pretty", guys ask 4 my number, I get a lot of compliments and people say I look like a heartbreaker...not bragging...but I cringe when I look at pictures of me when I was younger and I am still very shy and a little insecure... so yes I am a X ugly girl."^so obviously you are pretty confident in how you look.You should probably just be more secure in yourself instead of looking for security on yahoo answers

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