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Can you straighten hair while it is wet

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Ceramic hair straighteners are safe to use on damp, but not wet hair. You should never straighten very wet hair. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-straighten-hair-while-it-is-wet ]
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Can you straighten your hair while it's wet? or does it hurt it??
This is one of the worst things you can do. If you straighten wet hair with a regular straightener it will basically fry it and leave you with split ends and highly damaged hair as it takes out all the moisture. You can go to your local h...
Can i straighten my hair with JUST FOR ME while its wet??
Hey you could but i bought a wet straightener which actually just turns out damaging my hair while it was wet so i suggest you do it while it dry plus i tend to notice that while i use to straighten my wet hair it tends to come out frizzy s...
Does it dry out your hair if you straighten it while its a little...?
Oh yes, you should blow dry before straightening, because water happens to boil when in contact with heat, and flat irons get very hot. People have been known to get "bubbles" at the edges of their because of doing that.

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Is it safe to straighten my hair while wet with a ceramic straightener?
Q: i has a conair ceramic straightener and i was just wondering if i can straighten my hair while its wet? because i heard i could but im not sure =/ so is it safe?
A: nnnnoooo it burns the hair BAD!!!!dont do it just blow dry fast and then straighten it!!!
Is it okay to straighten my hair while its wet?
Q: Idk what kind of straightener I have, my aunt gave it to me cuz i cant afford to buy a new one. I need to straighten my hair really badly because its so wavy. If I wait till it dries after a shower, it frizzes up really bad and so I want to know when I get out of the shower and towel dry it, can I straighten it like that? I dont think i have a special type of wet straightener or whatever but I wanna straighten it while its towel dried..P.S.1 dont suggest not taking a shower.. or else my hair will get greasy.2 dont say buy a new straightener because i dont have the money.. thanks in advance =]
A: It's far away from okay. Straightening your hair while wet kills your hair, it damages it, drys it out and it makes your hair even frizzier. Don't ever straighten your hair while wet. Wait till hair is 100% dry. Buy John frieda Frizz Ease. It will prevent your hair from turning frizzy.
Is it bad to straighten hair while it's wet still?
Q: I have just washed my hair for my drama this evening and I am just wondering whether it is bad to straighten my hair when it is still wet.
A: it's the worst thing you can do to you're hair. it BOILS you're hair. and that doesn't even sound good. just imagine the damage that would happen. it weakens you're hair, dries it out, and not to mention it would make it really stinky. you DO NOT ever want to straighten your hair when its wet.and i don't like those wet to straight straighteners either, because i don't fully believe they can protect your hair from being boiled and damaged to pieces.

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