Why Bowl Tie Ins Should Be Gone in College Football

by on October 16th, 2010
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This year in college football we’ve had lots to talk about. From crazy plays , big upsets and for the first time ever in the BCS National Championship game it will be a rematch of LSU and Alabama. Which is why the talk of a plus one format is gaining steam. However, I’d like to give you something else to think about, what if college football bowl game tie ins were gone?

College Bowl games are a big thing in sports and we all love watching them. However, over the last few years they have become to predictable. This is the reason why bowl tie ins should be gone forever, take a look at this list below. These are teams that already know if they are bowl eligible where they are going.

ACC – 10 Big East – 5 Big Ten – 6 Big 12 – 9 Conference USA – 6 Mid – America – 3 Mountain West – 4 Pac-12 – 7 SEC – 9 Sun Belt – 2 WAC – 3 Ind. – 3 At Large – 3

* These are the amount of automatic games if they win 6 or more games.

As you can see this is not fair to all teams in college football and just shows it is all about the money. With Bowl Tie-ins being around you are going to control who is going to be in the spotlight every year. Just keep in mind that the teams we see the most on television are the teams we know the most about.

It just makes more sense to remove the bowl tie ins and make all bowl games able to host any team as long as they have there six wins needed. It will bring an even more exciting side of college football and could help other teams get a chance to be on television. However, some would argue that the conference would lose out on money because they aren’t link straight to the bowl sponsors. However it could create match ups between teams that could bring in even more money.

In the end , I just want to have a fair system and allow all 120 teams to have a chance to get into the spotlight if they have a good season. Sure , they may play worse teams and people would say they don’t deserve to play against the big boys but crazy things happen in sports. Let’s face it only one or two teams go undefeated each year.

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