What to Do with Leftover Halloween Makeup

by on February 25th, 2011
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The night of tricks and treats is over. Now it’s time to decide what to do with leftover Halloween makeup. Do not throw it away, or just let it sit drying up in a forgotten drawer. You can still enjoy it yourself, or find a way for others to use it. Here are a few ideas to not waste the ghoulish paints:

Donate It

Contact local theater groups to see if they would like your leftover Halloween makeup. Same goes for the schools in your neighborhood. They may be able to use it for plays or parties. However, these establishments may only take unopened containers because of sanitary reasons. These are the places to bring those few tubes of goop that do not get used.

Throw a Post Halloween Costume Party

Who says the season for dressing up has to end when October does? Throw a costume party, just for the fun of it. Have a theme party in the next few months that will allow you to use the leftover Halloween makeup. For example, throw a winter wonderland celebrations where you can learn “How to Apply Winter Fairy Makeup” to look like an authentic ice princess for a day.

Save It for Other Occasions

Other holidays and observances will call for the use of colorful makeup. For example, paint yourself up like an elf for a festive gathering. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner from Christmas and New Year’s. The article “How to Apply St. Patrick’s Day Makeup” shows you how to be sexy and green for the annual March celebration, but you could substitute leftover Halloween makeup instead of using your pricier everyday cosmetics. Just wrap all the tubes well in plastic wrap and baggies, to ensure that they stay fresh until you need them.

Give It to Friends

If you can donate the stuff, and you honestly feel that you will have no reason to use it until next year, give to friends or family members that will. Use it has a reason to have your comrades over for an evening. Have fun and Throw a Makeup Trading Party just to exchange your leftover Halloween makeup, and tell everyone to bring their candy to trade as well.

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