Tips for Buying a Slow Cooker

by on September 23rd, 2010
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A slow cooker is a fantastic kitchen appliance, especially for busy people that do not have the time or the energy to cook. Although it is often referred to as a Crock Pot, this is a brand name rather than the title of the item. More importantly, they are not all the same. Do not get stuck with an electric pot that does not have the latest and greatest features or enough room for everything that you want to prepare. Read these tips for buying a slow cooker, and get the features and options you want at a price that you can afford.

Size Tips

One of the best tips for buying a slow cooker involves size. After all, if the appliance is not large enough for a family and if it is too large for one or two people, it will not serve a valuable purpose. Consider buying a six-quart model for a family, a four-quart model for a couple and the smallest size for a single person. The smallest cookers are typically used for hot dips, but they can be used to prepare complete meals for one. Consider buying the oval variety when planning to prepare roasts or other odd-sized cuts of meat.

Timer and High/Low Options

A temperature setting is as important on a slow cooker as it is on an oven. Even the most basic models have a high and low setting. When seeking tips for buying a slow cooker, select one that offers a temperature shift setting. It can be set to switch from high to low. This is ideal when preparing a large cut of meat or something else that must remain sufficiently hot for safety reasons. It will also help when cooking something that will take all day. The food will not overcook because of the down shift in temperature.

Choose a Slow Cooker that is Easy to Clean

When looking for tips on buying a slow cooker, consider how easy it is to clean. This is also one of the very best tips. It should have inner crockery that is easy to remove and clean. No one wants to try and wash an electric item that is not submersible. Buying this type is well-worth the added expense.

Tips on Appearance

Looks do not adversely affect the performance of an appliance, but colors and designs are important considerations when buying a new slow cooker, especially if it will remain on the kitchen counter. After all, no one wants to display something that clashes with the colors in the room. When shopping for a slow cooker, do not consider buying anything less than the latest and greatest in a color and style coordinates with the kitchen. Skimp on available features and you might later decide that you want and need them.

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