Three Great Bowling Alleys in Saginaw, Michigan

by on February 20th, 2015
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Bowling alleys are a big part of Michigan, where in the long winter months everyone is looking for something to do. Saginaw is no different. We have at least a dozen bowling alleys spread out across the cities and surrounding townships and so I’ve taken the liberty to showcase the top three.

1) Stardust Lanes

Over the years Stardust Lanes has slowly become the best bowling alley in the area. Located at 3750 Bay Road and marked by huge signs and the obvious shape of a bowling alley, it’s easy to find and close to everything else. Every day the place is open from noon to at least midnight, where for $10 you can get shoes, two hours of bowling, and a $5 card for the arcade they have right next door. But besides that, it has a snazzy atmosphere full of the traditional flashing lights and there are even screens for music videos and TV shows placed conveniently in between lanes.

2) Crooked Creek

The next best place to go is Crooked Creek Golf Course, Banquet Center, and, of course, bowling alley. It’s at 9387 Gratiot Road out in Township so it might be a little ways out of the way for many, but the trip is worth it. At this bowling alley, everyone is friendly and there is quite a homely atmosphere about the place that has always made me feel comfortable. Featuring another side arcade, plenty of balls, a bar and place to get food, and a pool room, this place has it all, and for only 2 or 3 bucks a game. This alley is also one of my favorites because it offers package deals to Boy Scout Troops and Youth Groups, both of which I am part of.

3) State Lanes

I like State Lanes because of the deals. They are situated at 5707 State Street so it’s another centrally located bowling alley. Not only was State Lanes voted Saginaw’s Best of the Best for 2011, but with cool incentives like offering customizable coupons on their website and offering recessionary deals, it’s hard not to like them. When I was a kid one of my favorite things was going to State Lanes during the “Cosmic Bowl,” where the LED lights would come on and the music would play and everyone would go wild. Now that I’m older, I can look forward to Thirsty’s Pub, located in the alley, as the next step.

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