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What does a enlarged prostate feel like

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A:Enlarged prostate symptoms are low back pain, abdominal pain, perineal pain, burning with urination, and pain with bowel movement. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-enlarged-prostate-feel-like ]
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What does a enlarged prostate feel like
Enlarged prostate symptoms are low back pain, abdominal pain, perineal pain, burning with urination, and pain with bowel movement.
Can you feel an enlarged prostate without a rectal exam??
I've had prostatitis and after knowing what it was like, ya, I think I could "feel" it. However, if you have a prostate problem you likely have all kinds of problems passing urine, so that's kind of a give away.
How does it feel when your prostate is enlarged or potentially ca...?
It feels like half a pea on the surface, and hard.

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Overactive Bladder or Enlarged Prostate?
Q: I'm a 26 year old male and for the last few months I've noticed an increase in the amount I urinate. I usually need to urinate about every 1. I can hold it in but most of the time feel like I need to go. I feel that I am emptying out my bladder when I go to the restroom but still get trickles of urine coming out a little later. Along with the urination, I've been experiencing dry mouth. I'm not diabetic (I got checked 2 months ago). I have the feeling it may be overactive bladder but I have control and also think it may be an enlarged prostate but I have no trouble with the flow and I'm pretty young for that. Does anyone have any clue what this might be?
A: I have the same problem too, it could be a bladder infection, and also it could be a disease not found about yet. I have the same problem, and was tested for cancer, and diabetes, but I came up negative I feel you man, Regulate your liquid intake.
I have all the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, but i'm 17, so is it something else?
Q: I've had urinary troubles for a very very long time. at least for a few years now, and i'm 17 years old.It's a bit embarrising to talk about, even anonymously, But my problems are feeling the urge to go and not being able to, or very little, feeling like i have to go after i finish, having to go the bathroom frequently, feeling some slight pain sometimes while going, and sometimes having to strain to go despite feeling urgency.I was watching tv and a commerical for enlarged prostate medicine came up, and i talked to my mom about it, and when i asked her if i might have that, she said that i was "too young to have that", but still, the symptoms match up very well.About a year ago i had talked with my doctor about this, but i'm still on Kidcare (if thats what its called) so i was only able to talk to a childs doctor. The conversation pretty much went like this.Me to the doctor: I have trouble going to the bathroom, what do i do?Doctor: drink more water and that will help you to go more freely.The doctor then left the room.Maybe i should have been more specific, or maybe that is my problem, i don't know, But what i would like to know is, is it possible for somebody my age (17) to get an enlarged prostate, and if this is my problem, how do i fix it?It has not had a very major impact on my life, but it would be nice if i could fix it.Thanks in advance.
A: You probably do not have an enlarged prostate. You need to see a doctor about it again though and bring this up since other problems can cause your symptoms.
17 year old enlarged prostate please help?
Q: I am 17 years old and I had trouble urinating. doctors said I had an enlarged prostate related to high level of testosterone and the absence of regular sexual life. I was quiet bummed 17 only and was I condemned to a life of pills like all 50 years old? Pills might help he said but the true solution is to have sex which is not possible right now(don't ask why) but maybe later. Meanwhile my bladder never feels empty and It just kills me at school and I can't really ask to go to the loo every 15 min. what should I do life seems like crap. what's in store for me should I tell my friends?How should I organize my life Is that a problem when in a relationship? Can I be cured definitively or am I going to live with medication for the rest of my life?I already saw a urologist and i wrote what he said "pills might help..."
A: You might go to the better doctor and check some website in the internet okI am sorry that I can not do anything for you because It might consider danger if you try to ask a stranger...OKCheck it with the professional doctor and try sear in google for more information okThank you

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