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What causes peeing blood and abdominal pain

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A:Urinary tract infections can cause a bloody urine and abdominal pain. You should visit a Dr. for diagnosis & possible antibiotics. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-peeing-blood-and-abdominal-pain ]
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What causes peeing blood and abdominal pain
Urinary tract infections can cause a bloody urine and abdominal pain. You should visit a Dr. for diagnosis & possible antibiotics.
Am I Pregnant? Excessive peeing watered down light blood and stom...?
Sounds like an UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Check with your doctor but you can also check out this website: uti.com

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What do you think about red blood spotting a week before mentrual period?
Q: I've been experiencing this red blood spotting. Quite different from my menstrual blood. I am due next week and i was shocked this morning to see fresh red blood when i pee to think i don't feel yet the signs of menstruation like cramps, etc. Quite unusual 'cause i was never had an early period and for the first time, i've never experienced having cramps in lower abdominal instead, pain at my lower back? What could this be? Am i pregnant?Thanks in advance!
A: Are you taking any birth control pills? if so, some of them can have an effect that makes you get your period a bit early, especially if you forgot to take your pills. Or, are you in very hot weather? Hot weather can also have that effect. Lower back pain is a common symptom of menstrual periods. I don't think you're pregnant. hope this helps a bit.
Testicular pain in an 18yr old.?
Q: So I've had some pain in my right testicle since tuesday. it doesnt hurt when i pee, no blood in urine, no pain in my back, no abdominal pain. But it just started hurting out of nowhere when i was working. I was sitting down for about 4hrs and i might have been cross-legged for about 2-3 hrs. could this have been the cause? and i do masturbate about 1 a day or every other day. and i did masturbate that morning but the pain didnt appear until about 5pm. the actual testicle doesnt hurt, its like a tube farther inside that hurts when i touch it or when i walk and my legs rub into it. But if my testicle is just resting and nothing touches it it doesnt hurt at all. so what sort of trauma could make this sort of pain just appear out of nowhere? im pretty sure its not torsion because i read that if it was that, i would have tremendous pain within a few hours and would be unable to walk because of the pain. so what could it be?
A: I had the same thing happen a few years back. My was caused by a cyst that had formed. The only way to tell for sure is to see a doctor.
I have abdominal pain with side pain at 17 weeks pregnant! Please help!?
Q: Wednesday, I started having abdominal pain over my left ovary along with side pain. I have lost a little weight, although I eat all the time. I also feel light headed with the pain and a little clammy. The pain is worse when my bladder is full. Once I go to the bathroom to pee, I don't even want to pee because it hurts so bad. I made an appointment that day with my gynecologist who tested my urine and said that I had a large amount of blood in it. He believed that it was a kidney stone, since I have had 10 in the past five years, and gave me pain medication. He then sent me home to pass the kidney stone.Saturday, the pain was so severe that I went to the emergency room. After testing my blood and urine, the admitted me to the hospital. My urine showed a level of 250 and my blood said my white blood cell count was at 14,000. I was given pain medication and kept comfortable. Once my gynecologist seen me, she said that it was ligament pain and sent me home that evening.Monday, the pain came back at around 2:30 in the morning. I took a pain pill that did nothing so my husband decided to take me back. They ran a urine and blood test. This time my urine showed a level of blood at 150 and my white blood cell count was 18,000. They admitted me again and started running some tests. Since I am pregnant, there wasn't much they could do but keep me comfortable. They also thought it was a kidney stone, but the ultrasounds of my kidneys and ovaries came back normal as well as an I.V.P where they put dye into my iv and took a few pictures. They only took 2 since I am pregnant. This showed that the baby was laying on a tube which was causing fluids to be pushed back into my kidney. After testing my blood again this morning, they sent me back home with more pain medication. The only pain relief I had was morphine every three hours at 4mg. The pain would come back.I am so confused. I can't keep going to the hospital because my pills won't work and I don't want my baby to be harmed by the amount of pain killers and pain medications I am having. I am trying to figure out what this could be. Doctors think it's ligament pain alone with other pregnancy complications. I have been pregnant three other times and have never experienced this type of pain and I am worried that it may distress the baby. It's not a kidney stone and apparently not my appendix. What other options are there? They didn't look for any inflammation or infections. Could it be a really bad infection? I just don't feel that it's ligament pain. I looked up round ligament pain and my symptoms are consist ant with that type of pain, but other than it lasting a few seconds, it lasts for several minutes. What other things could it be? Please help because I am desperate for some type of answer. Thanks so much!
A: I started having the same thing you are having when I was 15 weeks and I am now 18 weeks. It's been continuous pain. All I have been told is that it's cause im pregnant or that your uterus is expanding and that if it's your first pregnancy, abdominal pain happens cuz your body is not used to being pregnant. Morphine helped me as well when i was in the hospital. It could be an inflammtion of one of your organs. Hope I helped :-) Hope you feel better soon!!!

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