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Is eating too many apples bad for you

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Apples have from 70 to 100 calories each and are very good for you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-eating-too-many-apples-bad-for-you ]
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Is eating too many apples bad
Unless you have issues with your blood sugar,apples are a great healthy fruit that fills you up! Eat away, but eat a balanced diet
Can eating too many apples be bad for you?
Yes. It is bad for your jaw. It is good for your health though but it is not when you eat to much in a day. So remember that an don't eat to many apples in a day.
What Is Bad About Eating Too Many Apples?
You don't need a lot of fruit. Eat vegetables instead, because healthy nutrients and far less sugar than fruit. An apple a day, is okay and a few berries which are the lowest in sugar and very healthy.

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Are too many apples bad for you ?
Q: I've eaten 7 apples in the past three days, so i was just curious is 2 or 3 apples per day going to affect me?
A: Too much of anything is bad for you. Apples, which are high in vitamins, particularly vitamin A. Too many vitamins cause weakened immunity, which can lead to weakened skin, hair and nails. But it’s essential to have some vitamin A for your eyes and cells, if you had none your body would have equal problems. 2 to 3 apples everyday is about the maximum of what can be good, but don't have any more than that. 2-3 apples a day won't give any negative affects. However, it is best to vary your fruits and vegetables as much as you can, having as many different colors as you can to get all the different vitamins. You'd be better having just one apple a day, then different things. This way you'd get a greater variety of nutrients. You should also vary the colors you eat from day to day. If you have green and red fruits/veggies one day, have lots of yellow and orange the next. Eating ANYTHING to excess, even fruit, is stored as fat. Fruit is high in sugar - it is healthy, natural sugar, but if you eat more than you burn up it'll be stored as fat. 2-3 apples is NOT enough for this to happen, don't worry, you'd have to eat at least double that to store any fat! You need to eat plenty of fruit, but you can't binge on it. You should have half fruits, half veggies (or 2 of one, 3 of the other) to make up your 5 a day, rather than just all fruit.
Is Eating Too Many Fruits bad for you?
Q: I eat many strawberries,apples, and grapes a day like about 2 or 3 apples a pound of strawberries and a few cups of grapes people have told me too much sugar can make you "dump" which i dont get and also theyve told me too many carbs can make me gain weight. BUT heres the thing i am an athlete i excersise 45min+ sometimes 1hour+ everyday in the week. So i dont know if all these fruits will effect me somehow. i also eat a balanced diet for the other food groups like salads,rice,steak etc.
A: Because your eating a balanced diet with moderate exercise your technically not doing any harm to your body. also be carefull not to take it to the extreme. also carbs wont make you gain weight due to the amount of exercise you are doing, you will end up burning it!!
Can you gain weight by eating too many apples and peaches?
Q: For the past week I've eaten maybe 4 a day, is this a bad habit?
A: i dought it.

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