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How many calories are in weed

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A new study shows regular marijuana users consume up to 40 percent more calories than nonusers. I could not find calories in weed. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-calories-are-in-weed ]
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How many calories are in weed
A new study shows regular marijuana users consume up to 40 percent more calories than nonusers. I could not find calories in weed.
What is it like being high? Does Weed have calories??
Being high on weed is NOTHING like being drunk. In my opinion, it's better than being drunk. but this is controversial. When you smoke weed, you can smoke as much as you want. You cannot overdose on it, unless of course, it's laced. which i...
Will i burn calories by smoking weed cuz i wana know??
nah, you'll just get a larger appetite after which will probbably make you eat more actually

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how many calories are in one gram of weed?
A: Zero.
How many calories do you think is burned...?
Q: How many calories do you think is burned in an 8 hour day of landscaping. The days work would include: Raking, shoveling sand, edging and weeding mulch beds, using a backpack blower for several hours etc. not to mention carrying the green buckets around filled with leaves, sticks, sand, etc. Im curiouse and cant find anything through google.
A: It depends on your age, height and weight to determine exactly how many calories you are burning but serious manual labor such as landscaping can yield like 250-350 calories and hour = 2,000-2,800 calories in an 8 hour day (assuming you are working your tail off all 8 hours). That number can vary dramatically depending on the initial factors. Assuming you were young and approximately 150 lbs you can estimate that a hard 8 hour day would yield 2,500 calories. Maybe you could provide more information like on a scale of 1-10 on the intensity of the work as well as factors of age and weight.I hope this helps! It should at least give you an estimation point. Make sure you are drinking lots of water while you are working at this intensity.
Drug related, I think I need help?
Q: I'm 18, and recovering from a fairly severe bout of anorexia.I started using drugs on a recreational basis at a young age, just smoking pot and drinking on the weekends. By the time I was in high school i was taking painkillers, molly, anti-depressants and smoking daily. I quit nearly everything during the course of my eating disorder (weed made me hungry, alcohol had too many calories) but I've relapsed with a vengeance during my recovery. I start drinking about two hours after waking up (this was going on during the time I was in school, especially on days that I was required to be in school. I couldn't deal with school sober), I smoke continuously all day and I've tripped acid more times than I can recall in the past month. There is a period of about twelve days that I have absolutely no recollection of. Honestly I haven't been completely straight for about seven months. I'm not shooting up heroin or anything but if I continue down this road I'm sure that it's not far off.I've just recently been convicted of a DUI and I've been charged with unrelated underage drinking.I think I need to get help before this gets any worse. I'm looking for a possible outpatient treatment other than AA, etc. I need something for underage users because I'm not 21, I'm barely 18I live in Western NC, the Asheville areaBasically I drink and use drugs because I'm still not ok with being at an average weight. I'm not entirely over my eating disorder, when I am sober I'm constantly thinking about how fat I'm getting. The drugs "help" me deal with my weight gain.
A: Hey there, You need to open up to someone, a close friend, relative, someone on yahoo answers. You need to talk to a particular person, not just once but over time, someone whom will be supportive and positive that you will slowly open yourself up too I know that is going to be hard, and if you dont trust openign up with someone that you know make sure its just someone on yahoo answers o a net buddy or something-i mean whats the harm in talking to somebody who has no idea who you are, has never met you, will never meet you yah know?. If you feel that you cant do this, write in a journal, it facilitates self-honesty and will help you pinpoint exactly what the problem is, Dont not write something because when you see it you feel like its stupid, or embarased write down all of your true feelings and your experiences-It will help.- If you can be both open up to a person and your journal would be best, but that is up to you. Youll be confronted with things that you dont like, which you would normally just dismiss from your thoughts but the key to getting over this is by embracing who you are,your issues, also allowing you to rationallly decide what is best for you. Dont let anyone put you down, your to good for that, think positive about yourselfAlso set yourself goals aswell,...to remidn you that you can achieve anything (because you can if you just set your mind to it), small at first,like spending a little bit more time with your friends, or maybe with your family, maybe trying to slowly let go of your insecurities, imagine if you didnt care what anybody thought about you, how good would that be, or maybe just walking you dog or going for a run.Get into exorcising, preferably team sports but if not just a light jog in the arvos, IT takes your mind off problems its a great way of relieving stress. Remember that if we on yahoo answers are worried about you when we sers dont even know you then the people whom you live with/go to school with/hang out with truly love you and care for you and will support you.Lastly many depressed teens fall into the cycle you are experiencing now, drugs, excessive alcahol, sex all the things that temporarily relieve. I myself almost did. If you work to sort out your issues you wont have to rely on these things to escape the reality of your issues. Think to yourself, does anything good really come out of doing these things...you know the answer...it provides temporarily relief but if you continue you, as you already pointed out it will only make matters worse, make you feel worse, your grades will be worse etc etc etcAnd if you accept Jesus into your heart, if you understand him, you will have the strength to overcome this on your own, all you have to do is believe. So pray to God because hes out there and he loves you. The devil uses drugs to get into people...Its not a coincidence that coming down and feeling the precence of demons feels exactly the same (no im not a loney and so I wasnt on drugs when i felt/saw demons/ghosts) I have been seeing them since i was 5ish and have had many experiences. There is so much proof that The lord exists that you will see if you have an open mind. If you would like to hear about how I know please ask.ummm yeh email me if you want to talkHang in there! times will get better :)p.s sorry bout spelling and grammarand p.p.s Guys actually prefer girls of average weight

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