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Can back pains and abdomin pains be a sign of pregnancy

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A:Occasional abdominal discomfort is a common pregnancy complaint as well as back pain. Keep ChaCha-ing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-back-pains-and-abdomin-pains-be-a-sign-of-pregnancy ]
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Can back pains and abdomin pains be a sign of pregnancy
Occasional abdominal discomfort is a common pregnancy complaint as well as back pain . Keep ChaCha-ing!

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Constipation during pregnancy... danger signs, and when does it become dangerous? Please help.?
Q: I am 11 weeks pregnant and have been very constipated for over 1 month, today I ate 7 dried plums (prunes) and I finally went to the bathroom a few minutes ago. My stool was normal, but I might have a little hemorrhoid, because after I wiped there was a little blood on the t.p, but then I was cleaning my rectum with cottonelle flushable wipes and I passed a large bunch of gas and I could feel liquid coming out of my rectum so I held t.p to catch it, and it was a little blood. The t.p had a good amount of blood on it, and it was kind out mixed with some clear fluid stuff. Afterwards I wiped my rectum to see if the blood was coming from the outside, but there were no traces of blood on the outside, it was coming from inside. I have been having abdominal pains, and at the end of my right rib under the rib I have been having a lot of pain, today every time I would twist my body to look behind me when I was driving I would get a stabbing pain right at the end, inside, under my right rib, and a little lower. I have been so constipated that I can feel little balls of probably stool inside my stomach when I feel around. I am wondering if anyone else has had any of these symptoms and what was the matter? Or any advise would be appreciated. I have a sonogram appointment set up for tomorrow at a local clinic, I will also mention this then, and I will be having my 1st prenatal check up this coming up week. Also I have been sick with some kind of an infection that my doctor is watching, in which my lymph nodes in my body are all swollen up and painful, I don't know if this maybe has something to do with this? I do not believe that my kidneys are infected, because when I hit my back behind my kidneys it does not hurt like a kidney infection would. Also I have passed gas 4 times in a little over an hour and it was a large amount of gas, I sat on the toilet each time and the 1st time some bloody mucas/tissue looking stuff came out, the 2nd time just more runny blood mixed with a little clear stuff, and the last time when I wiped the t.p was streaked with bloody mucas. I know that blood and mucas are a really bad sign in the stool, and I am worried. Does anyone else know what could be going on? My pain is cramping and constant pain in the general right side of my abdomin, I have some on and off cramping in the middle and left, but nothing compared to the constant pain in the right side that is located by and inside my ribs, so this is a bit scary. Thank you for your time and answers. Any help is needed and wanted, thanks again.
A: Ok.. the constipation is normal. I had it, my sister had it, my best friend had it. The pain under the rib is also normal. I never found out what it was but I had it the entire time. Felt like I had bruised right under my rib. Very painful, very annoying. Now in regards to your stool, I wouldn't want to hazard a guess. My midwife told me that the most common questions in pregnancy were related to stool, and I myself had (gross) discolored stool (green, of all colors) and it was nothing. But I would hesitate to say that what you're experiencing is anything to do with your pregnancy. I would definitely get it checked out, or at the very least call your Dr. It could be nothing, just another funny pregnancy hormone thing, but it could also be something. Better to be safe than sorry.
It hurts to push on my lower abdomin...?
Q: Is that a normal sign of pregnancy. Its not a sharp pain, its like pressure..Im extremely bloated, u can see it in my lower abdomin, and when i slightly push, i feel it also in my lower back (pressure) right above my butt. Could this be gas and/or early (normal) preggo symptoms?
A: Either. The best thing you can do is wait till time for your period to show and if it doesn't then test. You can test as early as 10 days past ovulation.
Period 1 month late . Negative HPT w/ pregnancy symptoms!!!! HELP ME PLEASE?
Q: Okay i really hope i'm not the only 1 going through this. I have a obgyn appointment monday, and Im really pulling my hair out about this I need to know if i should bump my appointment up sooner:In some months I can predict my period & in other months my period is extremely unpredictable.In November 2008 I became pregnant YAY but unfortunately I suffered from a miscarriage. Dec 2008 I had a 5 day period & Dec 26 2008 My period started again which never happened before. & Ended Jan 31st in the am. Me & My BF of 3 1/2 years had intercourse celebrating the New Year together & I had slight barely there bleeding which stopped after a hot shower. January 2nd 2009 My period started again!! This time it stopped January 9th. I've calculated every possible length of a period in a ovulation calculator & every 1 possible still gives me an expected period date that already passed of when my next period should be here. During Ovulation time Me & My bf had unprotected sex. A week after I've been having tender breast & nipples. This was never a sign I had in preperation of my period. So it started to concern me.=I've been having Sore Nipples & Breast=For 2 days I felt like I was getting a cold but day 3 any cold like symptom completely GONE.= Moody, Irritable, & Tired.= Cramping frequently Not severe just enough to notice they are there.= Low abdominal pain on Right side & left side. More on Left side.= Weird feeling in my low abdomin.= Constipation =(= Back pain. Sometimes I have to stop & Bend over its so bad.= Ovulation like light clear discharge.= No blood at all since January 9th until March 2nd. & it was barely enough to notice it was mostly clear discharge with an tiny bit of blood which looked like barely there spotting = Negative HPT test so far i only took 1 Feb 28. I may have peed too much on the stick or didn't hold it correctly because as soon as i looked & the pee absorbed thru the stick it popped up negative in both windows.im so concerned & kind of scared to go to the dr & learn its something severe. does anyone have any clues as to what this could beAlso if anyone could help The HPT test I used was a CVS + - testWhats the best HPT test on the market.??
A: To be honest with you I hardly look at the symptoms. Just because you will be always guessing. You need to have a confirmation ASAP so you don't go nuts, trust me I know, it's terrible to not know if you are or not pregnant. Try going somewhere like www.plannedparenthood.org and do a blood test. They are completely accurate, they cost around 25.00, you don't need an appointment and they give you the results the same day. Or do another urine test, the thing about this is that if it comes back negative you still might have doubts.Best of lucks, sounds like you want it positive so lets keep our fingers cross ;-)

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