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What is the daily nutrition needed for a vegetarian

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You should consume plenty of protein, calcium, B-12, Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, and etc as a vegetarian. Would u like 2 know more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-daily-nutrition-needed-for-a-vegetarian ]
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What is the daily nutrition needed for a vegetarian
You should consume plenty of protein, calcium, B-12, Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, and etc as a vegetarian. Would u like 2 know more?
How to Get Your Daily Nutrition as a Vegetarian and Vegan?
Description: How to Get Your Daily Nutrition as a Vegetarian and Vegan
Can anybody suggest me what could be an IDEAL NUTRITIOUS WELL BAL...?
Vegetarianism can be a very healthy option but only if your vegetarian diet plan is well balanced. This means eating a variety of foods including grains, fruit and vegetables, beans, pulses, nuts or seeds, a small amount of fat, with or wit...

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I want to become a vegetarian?
Q: What are good meals I can prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner where I can get all the daily nutrition I need?What are some good snacks I can eat in between meals?
A: good for breakfast and lunch Whole Wheat BreadHummus (You can use any kind, but I got the spicy red pepper kind)Black olives, sliced (I put them on top of the hummus so that they would stick and not fall out)Green bell peppers, slicedAvocado, sliced thinlyA couple slices of tomatoesBanana peppers =DA couple slices of Tofurkey (found at health food stores)Vegenaise (vegan mayo, the Follow Your Heart brand; you can find it at most health food stores)for snacksavocadoscucumberscarrotsmushroom fried tofubanana peppersasperagussweet potato w/black olives
Best daily multivitamins for vegetarians?
Q: I'm 15 years old and live in a small, southern town. So it's hard to get accurate nutrition, because vegetarian-friendly food is a rare find.I've been taking a multivitamin for a while, but it's not... the best.I want to know what brands I should look for that have everything I would be missing out on.But keep in mind, because I live in a small town, resources are limited. We don't have a ton of stores, so I need a brand that would be widely carried, etc.Oh yeah, and I've had chronic stomach problems pretty much since I was born. I guess my stomach is just easy to upset? And I hear a lot of people mentioning multivitamins upsetting their stomach, because they say they're "harsh," or whatever.So, a vitamin that's stomach friendly would be awesome.
A: Simple.You should take spirulina everyday, about 10 grams a day (powdered form is best) and you'll get SO many nutrients.I don't know what isn't in spirulina, it's just so incredibly good for you and easy on the stomach.
some sort of calcium deficiency? [Very very,long, please take time to read]?
Q: About a month and a half ago i went to the doctor because i was having continuance chest pain, fluttering feelings [i guess are called palpitations]. I also was getting very short of breath doing normal things like walking up stairs, etc. I was actually having all of these things off n on,for about 21/2 months but ignored them thinking it was just stress or something. Then when i mentioned it to my mom, she was a little upset explaining to me that when i was a baby and young child i had a heart arrhythmia and i should get it checked out. So i went to the doctor, he seemed to be concerned so he gave me an EKG. Turns out, my heart rate was off rhythm so the next week i was in the hospital getting an ultrasound on my heart, and wore a 24 hour holster monitor. they did detect irregular heart rate, but they said it was not irregular enough to be concerned about any serious heart problems, and that i will probably always have a slight off heart beat. They were more concerned about my blood work, the nurse called me and said that my calcium was not too good, and to take calcium supplements and make sure to get vitamin d, drink water, and eat dairy products. She told me to come back for another blood test in about a month. I'm over-due for my blood test, but i plan to go back within a couple weeks to take it. *SOME BACKGROUND INFO* im 17, a female. [ i am extremely picky, and i dont have a big appetite. My family often lectured me about vitamins and such. I do not like milk, any type, im not a big fan of cheese, fish, etc, and i was a vegetarian. I didnt exactly get the nutrition i needed so i thought that could be a case]also, when i started having chest pains, i stopped smoking cigarettes, and stopped drinking, etc.The same day i started taking viactiv calcium chews, 1 citracal calcium citrate tablet [containing 400 iu 100% vitamin D, & 630 mg of calcium 63%] i started eating meat, i started drinking chocoalte milk daily. [its progress, plain milk makes me gag] but i do not feel any better, in fact im feeling slighty worse. the same/new things im feeling are1. I still experience chest pain, short spasms of sharp pain a few times a day. i can sometimes feel my heart racing like, and i still very often, more often, get the fluttery feelings.2. Im still feeling short of breath, but not as easily as i was before. HOWEVER i do have a more difficult time breathing. Its hard to describe but i feel like when i inhale something is blocking my air way, like i cant take a sufficient breath. this is what makes my breathing short i think..3. I have been extremely sore. My shoulders have had really intense pain, My neck has also been very stiff for no reason. Im also bruising very easily. 4. My skin and my hair and my nails are dry. I have curly hair, so dry hair isn't to much of a surprise. but people always compliment me on how soft my skin is, but its been extremely dry. i've also had uncontrollable psoriasis breaks, which i can usually handle. its on my legs, my back, ugh. My lower legs also cramp up sometimes to where its difficult to walk or move. it lasts about 30 seconds.5. my leg muscles, my fingers, twitch and shake randomly. its weird. 6. I have a very big loss of appetite. I get full off not even a half a bowl of soup. ive been forcing myself to eat. Any ideas? I plan on going to my doctor with us, i just wanted some general ideas i can maybe bring up with him. I'm sorry this is like an essay, i justed want to thoroughly explain everything.
A: Calcium plays a BIG role in the whole electrical conduction of the heart, just as does iron, potassium, etc, etc. I wouldn't play around with getting your blood work done again... did they mention to you what your iron count might be... i would assume it is low and if that is the case it could also be giving you the signs and symptoms you are getting... if they didn't test your iron ask them to... if your iron is low your blood is not carrying enough oxygen that can directly affect your heart and give you these problems. also ask them what your hemoglobin and hemacrit levels are.... good luck to you!

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