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Why do women eat a lot when they are pregnant

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Half of pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting which means that they lose a lot of what they take in so they eat more. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-women-eat-a-lot-when-they-are-pregnant ]
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Why do pregnant women eat a lot of pickles? Is there any health i...?
Cravings can mean different things to different people. It can be psychological. It can also be of a person's choice. But a craving must always be diet balanced.
Why do very slim women eat a lot at buffets?
The same reason why fat women eat a lot. Most of these slim girls will develop rolls or end up fat anyways.
Is it true that women get fat if they eat a lot but men do not??
It depends on your BMR, the amount of calories you burn in the day, as well as the quality of foods you are eating. (Don't think for one second that high-quality is only referring to plant-based foods, the highest is generally high protein,...

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why do a lot of women gain weight when they get happy?
Q: i have been with my fiance for a while now and i just wanted to know why i gained so much weight after i met him. before we got together i was depressed and stuff and now we are so freaking happy and i haven't change my eating habits or nothing. and im not pregnant so why did i gain weight?is it a mental thing?
A: Contentment my dear!! Its just another sign of being comfortable and stress free!
Pregnant red meat makes me feel sick why?
Q: Okay so it's not uncommon for pregnant women to hate meat when they are pregnant. With my son I loved steak with this pregnancy (my 2nd) I can't stand to smell it or look at it.. just red meat though chicken I can eat. Why is this? Seems like it happens to a lot of women pregnant with girls (I don't know what i'm having yet) I love fruit and veggies and anything sweet esp chocolate!!! lol what is everyone's take on this. does anyone believe the gender of the baby may have something to do with this. Obv hormones do they have everything to do with anything during pregnancy seems like lol. so what are your thoughts?lol the first line made sense in my head when I wrote it .. but yeah pregnant red meat would make me sick just thinking about it preggers or not lol.. thanks for the laughwhen I asked about gender i meant I read in one of my books that when you're preg with a girl you have more estrogen and other way around with a boy progestrone (ehh spelling lol) and that has been linked to morning sickness and they believe that twins may cause more morning sickness and same thing with girls cause your body is trying to adjust to the change in levels of horomones.
A: There was a point in all of my pregnancies where meat of any kinds was a complete turn off. I became a huge fan of veggies until I discovered the green veggies gave me horrible gas pains!! It's just a normal thing for a woman to want to eat more healthy when pregnant and it seems as if we think cutting out meat would be more healthy or something. I am on my 3rd girl. Never been pregnant with a boy so I am not sure if it makes a difference.
Why do people feel it's any of their business when a teenager is pregnant?
Q: I bring this up because I was out having lunch yesterday with a friend I'll call Amy. Amy is several years older than me (I'm 24, never had kids, don't want 'em), but because she's so diminutive and young, people often assume she's in junior high or even younger. She's been married for two years and right now she's very, very pregnant. We were eating in a restaurant when a woman we'd never seen before came over and demanded to know what Amy's parents "thought of her condition", and how she should be ashamed of herself for having such loose standards and now would "pay for it the rest of the child's life". When Amy just laughed, flashed her wedding ring and said how old she was, the woman turned beet red and could not leave fast enough, and didn't even mutter a word of apology.I notice a lot of negativity and even outright rudeness towards any teenage mother these days, whether online or on the street. I'm not condoning teenage pregnancy, but the problem with people whose first response is to chastise and condemn these young women is that most of them don't know if there are any extenuating circumstances surrounding the pregnancy -- rape, molestation, for example. There was a girl in my junior high school who got pregnant after she was molested by her step-father, and she ended up having a breakdown because people who didn't know her would approach her on the street and say nasty things to her, accusing her of "being stupid", not knowing about safe sex, or being "unable to keep her legs closed". I didn't know her very well and I never got to because her family ended up moving.Another thing I don't understand is why people feel it is ANY of their concern at this point to tell off some young woman who is pregnant or has already had a baby. Really, what do you imagine is going to happen just because you scolded her? The deed has already been done, and most of these girls are already going through enough drama and conflict with their family, friends, or boyfriends that they don't need anymore from a stranger, especially when it doesn't change anything. Please assume that this girl, no matter what the circumstances are, is already going to have things difficult enough, so what do you have to gain by ridiculing or scolding her?What do you guys think? Are people too quick to jump to the wrong conclusions about teenage pregnant girls? And do you think someone has any right to approach them whether online or in person and offer their opinion about it so harshly? What is YOUR immediate reaction when you see a young pregnant girl?
A: Well if they come on here and say "OMG...I'm pregnant and I don't know what to do" or "I'm pregnant and I'm proud of it" it's like you obviously are not mature enough to have a baby and your stupid. But just seeing a pregnant girl on the street that is not shouting it off of rooftops or is in the store excitingly buying her baby clothes and toys then no I don't think bad of them. I actually really respect them for having the baby whether they keep it or give it up for adoption. You are right though, people are very judgemental and that was very rude of that lady who did that to your friend, and she def. got what was coming to her...lol.

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