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What does spotting before your period mean

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There are many things it can mean, one of them is you might be pregnant, hormonal imbalance, starting or stopping birth control. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-spotting-before-your-period-mean ]
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What does spotting before your period mean
There are many things it can mean, one of them is you might be pregnant, hormonal imbalance, starting or stopping birth control.
What would spotting pinkish brownish discharge few days off and o...?
You have some spotting when you ovulate and before and after your period. This is pretty normal. This pinkish/brownish color is blood and there is so little that it jsut tints your discharge. Spotting is very normal for both of those times ...
Does spotting before 6 days before your period mean your pregnant...?
If you had unprotected sex while you were ovulating it could be. See if your period starts, if not get a test done either at home or at your doctor or clinic.

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what does it mean when your spotting two weeks before your period is due?
Q: ok my period isn't due until 7/26 and I already have small brown spots on my underwear and when I wipe i have pink blood on it. I have never had sex before and I am not on birth control. what can cause light bleeding 2 weeks. I am 19 please help im really scared right now. no rude answersI am at a normal weight for my age.
A: It's completley normal. This usually happens weeks before a girl gets her 1ST period. It is also normal for it to happen in-between periods. If it continues for more than 3 months, see a doctor, it could be a tumor, but I highly doubt it; those are very RARE chances. But you could find that out if you bleed more heavy than ever.
When you have your period... What does spotting mean?
Q: Because i think i have my period. And i saw a quesion that said that you spot beofre you bleed. I have never had my period before and i sdont know what spotting means. HELP ME! I"M FREAKING OUT HERE!
A: Don't freak out. Spotting is spots of blood but not a heavier "flow" that would require a thicker pad or tampon. For your first periods, spotting seems like it would be quite common.
What does it mean If you always spot a week before you start your period?
Q: My husband & I have been ttc for 9 months. The past couple months I noticed that I start spotting a week before my period is due. It only when i wipe & really light. My last period was only two days no cramps or anthing whis is unsual for me. My period is normally 4-5 days & heavy. Last month it was extremly light, hardly even there. AF is not due til the end of this month but yesterday & today I have been spotting. Im really scared there might be something wrong & this is why I have been having a hard time conceiving. I went to to the doc last month & he told me it was to early to start testing & to come back in September if not pregnant yet. This has been happening the past couple months. The spotting I mean, not the light period, that was just last month. Should I be worried because I am? Has this happen to anyone before while ttc & everything was ok?My husband & I are both 26 years old & was on the patch for a couple years off & on because my husband ws in hte military & when he would go on deployment I would go off of it bc I hate beein on BC. We got married in October of 07 & have been off of the bc patch since then.Sorry for the spelling. Just typing to fast.
A: i also spotted a few days before m y period would start (my spotting started about a year before I conceived and happened every cycle)... it was scary (because I wasn't getting pregnant and thought that may be a reason why) but was also frustrating becasue it was sometimes hard to distinguish between heavier spotting and when my period would actually start... i felt i was always guessing my first CD as the spotting would gradually get heavier before my period would start and I would always have a day or two of guessing! During my 8th month of ttc, i didn't spot at all the week before my period and then my preiod never arrived! I tested one day after my missed period (and spotting) and got a BFP!Hope this helps!Best wishes!

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