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What does it mean when you miss your period and you have cramps? More

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If you are not pregnant, other causes of missed/irregular periods include: excessive weight loss or gain; eating disorders, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-miss-your-period-and-you-have-cramps%3F-more ]
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What does it mean when you missed you period and it comes lightly...?
Sometimes your period can be different from other ones, depending on your stress level and hormones. For peace of mind you could take a pregnancy test just to make sure, but since you're having a period... I think you're probably not. If yo...
What does it mean if you missed your period and your not pregnant...?
i would do another test in a few days time as your levels of the hormone it detects might not be high enough yet. also take a few tests and different ones to make sure. some can be wrong.good luck.

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I have ?'s for a teen magizine about pregnancy could anyone help me in your opinion, answer for best answer...
Q: I'm writing an article called pregnant or not in a teen magizine and I would love some good answers. Thanks. How can you tell the difference from symptoms of pregnancy a week before a missed period, or symptoms of your period, Is there anything different? If you get really bad bloating 5 days before a period is that more likely a common symptom of a period, pregnancy or could it be either or? When a womans nipples hurt really bad a week before her period or missed period and then the pain gets less a few days before a period or missed period, what do you think that could mean? Last question; If implantation cramps happen about a week before a missed period how long do they last and do they stop a few days before your missed period? Thanks everyone your alot of help please try to be detailed this stuff isnt on google lol!
A: Well this is the difficult part, no one person is the same. For me I was having syptoms that are typical PMS stuff, but they were not typical for me. Before I get a period, I just cramp for a few days and then it starts. When I was pregnant, My boobs hurt bad for weeks and then I missed my period. So, I took an HPT and Congrats to me! I was also on Nuva Ring when I got pregnant so it's important to portray that to teens espcially!! I also never had plantation cramping so it's important to know that EVERYONE is different. Good Luck!
i might be pregnant and i have to wait ??
Q: ok i had my period on august 28 and i have had sex every other day since then untill now ...so now i am cramping alot i feel more then normal period cramps and in my back .. so i couldnt wait and i took a test yesterday it was negative but i had not paid attention to the sensitivity to the test .yea duh so it was one of those that you not suppost to take till you miss your period ..i am due on the 25 or 26 so was that too early even for the not senitive test i have sore boobs but i usually do with pms and i have crampin just alittle worse and into my back .and i have felt sick but my same stressing about it can do that i guess ..the reasons why i doubt is because i have been trying for 5 months now ..so thats why this month we did it everyother day i mean so i dont miss ovulation haha yea we are tired hahaha oh and i used the ovuscope on sunday the 10th and i think i ovlated then ..so anyone have any input ..so what test could i take and when !!!
A: You can take a First Response test now. They're accurate up to 5 days BEFORE your missed period. Take it in the morning, they're more accurate then. Good luck, but just FYI, I didn't have cramping when I got pregnant.
NOT "Am I Pregnant"..... more complicated?
Q: Just posted this in the pregnancy board, will now post here, my normal board as well.Okay, before you read the question and answer, “well no, you can’t be pregnant,” that’s not what I am asking. I am wondering if anything like this has happened to anyone here on Y!Answers. From what I’ve read, it can happen. I just wanna know if it happened to you.My husband and I are TTC. The month of June, we timed everything right. I spotted for 4 days before my period finally came (normal, but I was hoping was implantation bleeding). AF showed up about a day early and lasted 3 days, ending with one last day of spotting. I was leaving for the entire month of July and we knew we would miss an opportunity for that month. The day I left (July 4th) was the day I started my period. I got up that morning, took the test (negative) and got what I assume was my period a few hours later.Fast forward to mid-July when I am out of state. It’s ovulation time and I always spot for 1-2 days pre-ovulation. I spotted for 6 DAYS. Not heavy, just enough to stain my underwear and I needed to wear a pantyliner. I didn’t think too much of it, except, gosh, glad we weren’t trying this month because it would really confuse me to see that much blood mid-month.Now, here it is, August 5. My cycle is usually 28-32 days. I usually cramp 4-5 days before I start to bleed and I always spot at LEAST a day before my period, usually 2-3 days before it comes. It is cycle day 34 for me, and no period symptoms. In the past two years, I have had a 35 day cycle three times, but I spotted for many days before I got my period and had the telltale warning cramps. This time I have nothing. Nada.My question is not “Am I pregnant?”- I’m going to go take a test to find that out if she doesn’t show by Saturday. My question is: Did any of you ladies have a “period” the first month after you conceived and not realize that you were pregnant? I don’t mean a little spotting masquerading as a period- I mean you were ttc, and you were familiar with your cycles and what you thought was full flow, 3-5 days of blood period actually turned out to be residual blood?I’m wondering if it’s really as common as some online forums make it out to be. (I HOPE IT IS!) :)Thanks guys, and baby dust to ya'll too!A little background info about myself- Been married for 7 years, been ttc for 3. I was on clomid for three months in the beginning before dr realized it was my husband who was infertle. Since that point several years ago, hubby's sperm count has gone up dramatically, and so every month has more possibility to lead to a pregnancy than the month before. And after 7 years of marraige, I can assure you we've enjoyed ourselves to the fullest! Hense my anticipation of a BFP soon.
A: Hi there! I really wish I could be more helpful to answer your question, but I am in the exact same boat, almost same dates and all. I really want to know, and am wishing it can happen too. It's always nice to hear some encouraging words though and I hope you get your BFP soon! I will keep checking to see if you get an answer!

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