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How long will a cat be pregnant before she has kittens

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A cat's pregnancy can be as short as 57 days or as long as 70 days. Thanks for asking ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-will-a-cat-be-pregnant-before-she-has-kittens ]
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How long is a cat pregnant before she has her kittens??
The normal gestation period for a cat is 61 to 69 days. Siamese may carry for as many as 71 days. The average is about 9 - 10 weeks.

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My cat went into labor 24 hours ago and only had 1 kitten. How long will she go before having the rest? Part 3
Q: For Madison...Thanks for your comment. All my cats are nuetered. By time she was giving to me, she must have been pregnant. She has never been outside. So no I don't feel irrresponsible. By time I had taken her to get her shots, they said she was pregnant. I can't afford a vet and the only overnight vet wouldn't take a payment plan... He just told me to leave her at an animal shelter, which I thought was cruel. The only kitten she had is doing great but the mama is still trying to push and nothing. I have been crying cuz I feel helpless. I even put a condom on and tried to stick my finger up her to feel but I couldn't get it up there. I just pray she makes it and passes these kittens, even though they are stillborn.. I just want her to be ok.
A: She will need help with this whether or not you can afford to pay for it or not. More than likely the other kittens are dead. An uterine infection will result and her milk will dry up for the one kitten. The uterine infection will kill your mama kitty in a few days if left untreated.This really isn't something that you can handle yourself. The reason you couldn't get your finger in is probably because you didn't use any KY. And you had better not be using a condom with spermicidal gel on it either. If you can't get your finger in her then there is a kitten blocking the cervical opening.Even if you get her unblocked and she has the rest of the kittens she will get an infection because of the unsanitary invasion that you have done.So start calling a vet in the morning. She is going to have to be spayed and she is most definitely going to have to be on antibiotics for at least 2 weeks.The one kitten she does have she will probably take care of just fine even after spaying she should still produce enough milk for the one.Sorry for your problems. But sometimes you just have to bite the financial bullet. Some vet clinics will let you work off the bill but you must do what you say you are going to do (work) to settle the bill.
pregnant stray cat, when will she have her kittens?
Q: I took in a pregnant stray cat several days ago. She seems very young and was skinny. Just in a matter of days she has grown much bigger. Just wanted to know from others with experience on cat pregnancies how much longer before she might have her kittens... i know you can't tell exactly but just an estimate. I tried taking her to the vet but she went absolutely crazy when i tried to put her in a carrier, so that is out of the question for now until she has her babies. I don't want her to get too stressed. So, she is very lovable but has been starting to get more moody, won't let me touch her belly anymore, bites and scratches... the fur around her nipples is already gone ( is this a sign that it should be happening soon ??). She still has a big appetite but it could be because she hasn't had any food for awhile. Doesn't really sleep much, seems to be on edge a lot. She was sleeping today when i sat with her for awhile though, she seems to like the company and gets mean when i try to leave, jumping at me and biting my toes... weird for a stray cat... anyway, i know that pregnant cats about to give birth are usually very sleepy, stop eating, and are nesting.... but what are some other signs?? like the fur around her nipples, do they pull that out shortly before a birth is coming or months before?? Thanks for your help :)
A: First, get ready . Get a large shallow box, about 8 in tall, put old clean rags inside then put it in a closet away from a lot of foot traffic. Show her where it is.If you stand the cat carrier on end and put her in back feet first quickly it will be much easier. Shut the door fast and off you can go to the vet. The gestation period is approx. 9 weeks( or about 63 days) The bulge will set further back as she get farther along. The skin around the teats is stretching making the teats more prominent. That is why it looks like she is loosing the fur. It will be very difficult to tell since you just found her, but a showing of blood drops would be an indication that the time is very near, within a day or too. You will not always notice this, but excessive licking of the area will also occur. Thank you so much for rescuing her. Don't let her out after the kittens are born as she can become pregnant again right away. The kittens can be re-homed after 8 weeks of age, no earlier and then you can have her spayed.
how much longer before my cat has her kittens?
Q: I didn't know my cat was pregnant until about 2 weeks ago, she started getting big. so how long will it take from the time she starts to show until she has them?Im ONLY asking when she will have them, I dont want any opinion on getting her fixed, im not asking for it. I also dont want people telling me to take her to the vet and destroy the kittens. UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY FOR IT!!! my husband lost his job like 2 weeks after we got her..Im not trying to harsh but a few days ago, I asked this same question and all I got was Why didnt I get her fixed or take her to the vet...so save it...if you dont know the question to my answer, please dont answer...
A: You'll know when she's giving birth. She'll sit funny, meow constantly, look uncomfortable, have spasms, and in hours, "POOF!" Here are some delicious, wet new kittens with that new baby smell! Just have scissors ready to cut the umbilical cord, and if this is the first cat pregnancy you have experienced, have a vet come to your house. Hope this helped! :DP.S. Congratulations! :D I've always wanted kittens :(

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