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Does cramping stomach have anything to do with being pregnant

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Many women experience implantation cramping in early pregnancy & later on muscle cramping. It could also indicate other problems. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-cramping-stomach-have-anything-to-do-with-being-pregnant ]
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Is stomach cramping a sign of being pregnant?
Dear REader; It could be and it could be from stress from wondering if you are pregnant. Dwight
Is having pain in your stomach (like cramps but not as bad) a sig...?
I suppose so if they're sort of like menstrual cramps, but not as severe. That can also mean that you're ovulating, though.

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Does any other pregnant lady suffer with stomach cramps?
Q: I am nearly 19 weeks pregnant and for the past few weeks I have been getting cramps in my stomach. Its not a period type cramp, its muscle cramp. It can occur at any time across the front of my belly or down the sides of my belly.It can last for anything up to 30 mins and its extremely painful. It makes no difference if Im active or not as most of the time I wake up with it. Ive tried rubbing my belly but I just have to wait for it to go by itself. Ive mentioned it to my GP and midwife, they say it could be my ligaments stretching but as this is not my first pregnancy I find that hard to believe. Does anyone else suffer with this and if so how do you ease the cramp? Thanks
A: Sometimes they can be early contractions also, and may be bought on by sex?? If possible ease up your sex life and see if they die down a bit, try forms of relaxation everytime they start up, some kind of meditation may help!!! If there is still no relief and you are really concerned and the doctor continues to blow you off about it, change doctors, peace of mind is well needed through pregnancy!!!! Good Luck
My lower abdominal have been cramping could this mean i am pregnant?
Q: its been about 5 days since me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. He did not pull out and I am just curious, could the pain on my lower abs have something to do with being pregnant? ive been sick to my stomach all of yesterday and today but i did not throw up. is it too early to experiece anything related to being pregnant?also, how soon would a standard home pregnancy test be able to detect the pregnancy hormone?
A: yeah - can't take a test until your period is missed. I do get a pain when I concieve (I know the exact moment it happens!!) but it is a quick kind of thing. At 5 days, it could be that -- but you won't know for sure until you get or miss your period. You would not be sick this soon...
What could this be from? Could it have anything to do with being pregnant?
Q: I have had really bad, painful stomach cramps for the past 3 or 4 days. It started the day after i had unprotected sex, and i also had unprotected sex a second time the day after. I did not have unprotected sex today, still have the cramps. I had my period less than a week ago, it like just ended right before the sex so it can not be period cramps,plus i never get cramps on my period anyways What could this be from? Anything at all to do with pregnancy? Sorry i know i've asked this question a few times.. i just need more answers
A: Well, I would say wait a few weeks then have a test...you can get pregnant a week or so before ur period and a week or so after or something like that but if ur young it could just be from the sex itself and better check for STDs too while your at it...unprotected sex doesn't always lead to babies but does lead to alot more STDs better safe then sorry

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