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Could your stomach be hard and you not be pregnant

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Your stomach can be hard even if you aren't pregnant. It could potentially caused by constipation or something else. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/could-your-stomach-be-hard-and-you-not-be-pregnant ]
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Could your stomach be hard and you not be pregnant
Your stomach can be hard even if you aren't pregnant. It could potentially caused by constipation or something else. ChaCha on!
Why is my stomach not hard yet im 2 months pregnant help??
Lay down flat on your back and totally relax your stomach muscles. Put your hand on your pubic hair right at the top and gently press down...you'll be able to feel your pubic bone. Now let your hand travel slightly upward until you don't fe...
What could be the cause of my stomach feeling hard if i'm not pre...?
A rigid abdomen could be a sign of peritonitis or Wilms tumor.

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3 1/2 weeks since last period. Period should be due but hasn't come and stomach's hard. Could i be pregnant?
Q: Well a week before my last period I had unprotected sex although, he didn't go in all the way nor did he ejaculate. So i had my period and i was somewhat relieved because i was hoping that i wouldn't be pregnant. Now its been 3 1/2 weeks and my lower area has been hard and my breasts have gotten bigger and feel like my period is going to start but its not. Im becoming very worried that i might be pregnant because i know you can have your period and still be pregnant. Is there a possibility of me being pregnant or am i just stressing too much?
A: Your stomach doesn't get hard in the first weeks of pregnancy. So if your stomach is hard, it's not because your pregnant. LOLYour stomach doesn't get hard until your in your 4th month of pregnancy which you can't be if you had your period last month. If your stressed at all, that can delay your period. It also isn't Uncommon to miss a period one month and start the next month. Your breast don't get bigger in the first weeks of pregnancy either. That usually happens during the middle to the end of the pregnancy.Your most likly just imagining these changes in you because your stressing about them. Your stressing, that is obviouse. Your not pregnant.
When pregnant, is it possible to feel the baby's heartbeat inside your stomach?
Q: I take Yasmin birth control pills for three months straight, and then I have my period week and then I take the BC pills for another three months straight and skip the period week between those months.I do this because my period is an absolute nightmare for me and those close to me. I feel terrible, have irrational mood swings, think ridiculous thoughts, and cry over EVERYTHING. I know I'm not the only one like this, and those of you that experience the same can definitely understand where I'm coming from.Anyway, by taking the pills this way, I could be as much as three months pregnant and not even know because I skip my period and continue with the pills each month.I was supposed to get my period sunday and it is now Wednesday and no period in sight. I was laying very still a few minutes ago, with my hand on my stomach, and I could feel a steady heartbeat-clear as day. I tried to find my pulse to see if they matched up, but it's hard to find. Is it possible I could be pregnant and I can feel the baby's heartbeat on my hand through my tummy? Or am I just losing it?I really hope it was just my heartbeat and for some reason I could feel it in my stomach!
A: No, it is not possible
Did your stomach NOT get hard when you contract or had BH's?
Q: I was about 20lbs overweight when I got pregnant so now I am 35 weeks pregnant and 205, my stomach has been pretty hard all over through my whole pregnancy up until this week my lower stomach has gotten flubby again and isnt hard, when I have horrrrrrible cramps that I think are braxton hicks I cant be sure b/c now that lower part of my stomach doesnt get hard? the rest is, but could it be that because of the extra fat there it wont tighten during contractions? Has anyone been somewhat overweight and not had their whole stomach tighten during labor?? I'm so confused! Sorry so long, thanks!
A: This is my 3rd pregnancy and the previous 2 when I had contractions, my stomach NEVER got hard. I didnt know I was contracting, it just felt like period cramps- the monitor was showing contractions but my stomach never got hard (unitil I was induced with the first, then I couldnt tell you what happened, I was in so much pain)

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