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Can you still get pregnant when not fertile

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There are multiple reasons for infertility.Are you producing eggs? If you have problems producing eggs, there are drugs that help. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-still-get-pregnant-when-not-fertile ]
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Can I Still Get Pregnant On Days I Am Not Fertile??
The chances of pregnancy are much higher two or three days before and after the periods. So try to have sex when your date is very near or soon after your period is over.
Can you still get pregnant if you were fertile when you had sex. ...?
you're contradicting yourself. If you're fertile, it's because you're ovulating. The chances of getting pregnant while *fertile* are very high. The chances of getting pregnant if you are *not* ovulating are pretty low.
What are the chances of getting pregnant?
Many women wonder what are the chances of getting pregnant. Typically after a woman's 28 day cycle they are fertile for about days. A mans sperm can survive in a woman's body for at least 48 hours and sometimes longer. The odds of a woman g...

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Most fertile days coming up but can I still get pregnant now?
Q: I use a calculator to see when my most fertile days for conception would be. But you can still get pregnant before and after...of course. But what I'm wondering then..is days when you're not the most fertile what are the chances of getting pregnant..like when you're least fertile - right after your period. And is it just "easier" to get pregnant on the most fertile days?
A: It is possible to get pregnant if you have sex a few days before or a few days after you ovulate because of the short life cycle of the egg and the longer life cycle of the sperm. Sperm can live 3-5 days so if you have sex in the 5 days before your ovulation then you can get pregnant. An egg lives 1-2 days so you also possibly have 2 more days after ovulation actually occurs. So, you have roughly one week each month that you can pregnant - if you do indeed ovulate, that is - and if your cervical fluid is the fertile type of fluid. Some months you may not release an egg and therefore have 0% chance of getting pregnant even if you have sex every single day.
can you still get pregnant if you were fertile when you had sex. and not ovulating?
A: you're contradicting yourself. If you're fertile, it's because you're ovulating.The chances of getting pregnant while *fertile* are very high.The chances of getting pregnant if you are *not* ovulating are pretty low.
I am 41 years old should I get tested to see if I am still fertile or just start trying to get Pregnant?
Q: I have read so many things about when you hit 40 and you can still have a regular periods but still not have good enough ovulation? I know I am getting too worried about it but I wondered if I should have tests done before I start trying to conceive or if I should start to try and then if nothing happens say after 3 - 6 months then call about getting tests done then? or maybe I should call my gyn and or doctor now? I did see a preconception counselor a few months ago and she said to just go ahead a try now and see what happens she did not mention anything about getting ovulation tests or any tests done right now.Also is it possible to ovulate earlier in the cycles sometimes?
A: You should read this awesome book called, "Taking Charge of your Fertility". You can get it at the library or any bookstore. It's really, really, really good and will help answer all your questions. I would say you should start trying. It's a lot less expensive than having the tests done! If you read the book, it will explain to you all about your cycle, how to notice fertility signs without using expensive ovulation predictor tests (that are not usually very accurate). For example, if you take your temperature every morning right after you wake up (you have to have been sleeping for at least 3 consecutive hours), there will be a temperature shift on the day that you ovulate. You can also monitor your cervical fluid - the clear snot-consistency vaginal discharge that you get every time you ovulate. What you will find out from this book is that your period has two main phases. The follicular phase and the luteal phase. The follicular phase varies A LOT from person to person. If your follicular phase is 8 days, at the end of the 8th day you will ovulate, and then enter the "luteal" phase. When you start menstruating (bleeding), you have entered from the luteal phase back to the follicular phase. Luteal phases are usually about 14 days and DO NOT vary as much from woman to woman. Some women have follicular phases that last 30 days! It just depends on your body. You can only get pregnant after you ovulate; the life span of an egg is quite short: 12-24 hours (luckily sperm can live for up to 5 days in a warm, moist place!). If I were you, I'd start measuring my fertility signs before I went out and spent time and money on expensive tests. The great thing about the Fertility Awareness Method (google it!) is that you can tell even before a pregnancy test whether or not you are pregnant. If your basal body temperature stays at the higher temperature for 18+ days, you are almost definitely pregnant. Good luck!

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