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Can you lactate without being pregnant

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Yes, it is called Galactorrhea. Some common causes of lactacting are: -Pituitary tumors, Hypothalamic lesions, primary MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-lactate-without-being-pregnant ]
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Yes, you can lactate without being pregnant. After you are pregnant, you will continue lactating. It is rare for a woman to lactate with no pregnancy involved at all. Talk to your doctor if you have this problem.
Yes, specially if you are on the pill or having high stress. Also there are psychic reasons like a pseudo pregnancy, where a woman believes she is pregnant enough to have her breasts lactate and her stomach bulge as if she is has a baby i...
Yes, you could have a hormone imbalance. You might want to go to the Dr. so they can find out for sure.

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Can you lactate without being pregnant?
Q: I noticed small white spots on my breasts earlier today. I thought it was just a pimple. When I pressed on them they squirted a liquid from them.
A: Hmm could you have pimples on your breasts?.... :-x
can you lactate without being pregnant?
A: Yes. Some women lactate without pregnancy due to hormonal problems.And some women induce lactation (through pumping and breast-stimulation, and occassionally hormone medication) so they can breastfeed an adopted baby.
My gf is lactating not being pregnant. She is afraid to go to doctor because...?
Q: she thinks she may not have children( like her sister). Yes, she lactates without being pregnant. Do you think that may be a sign that she can't have children? My opinion is that although is a hormonal problem it's not about having children. I didn't find on wikipedia an answer but is called "induced lactation". Thanksi mean her sister had hormonal problems such that she can't have children.
A: Yes your girlfriend does need to make an appointment to see her doctor.But no this is not unusual. This does happen to young women (not all women) from time to time. Tell her to just be check out and have her doctor explain it to her.Dr. Dawn

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