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Can a pregnant women get a pedicure

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Yes, but take caution: make sure the salon is well-ventilated and make sure the pedicurist knows pressure points to avoid on feet. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-pregnant-women-get-a-pedicure ]
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Can pregnant women get maincures and pedicures?
Of course they can and they should. The pedicure especially would sooth their feet a lot.
Is there a reason pregnant women shouldnt get a pedicure??
infections, the public places, are very much into foot fungus, and yes, this can get to your skin, and to your baby.

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Can You Get Pedicures While Pregnant?
Q: I know most people do, but I have a friend who is a massage therapists and said they learned in school pregnant women should not have their feet massaged as there are pressure points than can cause serious things like early on in pregnancy miscarriage and in the later stages cause preterm labor or the baby to turn. Anyone heard of this? And or Do you Get pedicures while pregnant? THANKS!!!
A: Interestingly, they are right, BUT the certain pressure point they speak of is somewhere around the ankle. Just let the pedicurist know not to massage the ankles. The spot, if stimulated, can cause contractions. (It is a very small point, so you really have nothing to worry about, and it is a small chance anyway! ) The other pressure point you need to worry about is the spot just above the web between thumb and pointer finger. Massaging this spot can also cause contractions. During pregnancy this spot is sore, like a writers cramp.
A sort of silly question?
Q: I've heard that there's a pressure point on the bottom of the foot that can cause contractions in pregnant woman and that it's good to do to start labor or to keep it progressing. I'm almost ten weeks pregnant and when I get pedicures, they massage my whole foot. I haven't gotten one since I found out, but was planning to go soon. I'm going to ask the doctor when I see him tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone heard of it being a problem or if it was ok to still go ahead with getting them.I wasn't really concerned about going into labor now. I was wondering about when I get further into the pregnancy.
A: there isnt ANYTHING you can do to bring on labor--it is going to happen when baby is ready.the little tricks there are to do-walking, sex, nipple stimulation--only work if you are already in one of the 3 labor stages.you cant bring on labor when you want it--baby will come when he or she is ready.
Am I allowed to go in a nail salon while pregnant?
Q: I have had mixed reviews and my girlfriend just called me and asked me to go get pedicures after work today. For some reason I am thinking I heard nail salons are no good for Preggo women. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks
A: I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have gotten my nails done SEVERAL times while pregnant, my baby is already 6 lbs and healthy as can be. I don't believe being in a nail salon for an hour is going to effect the baby. I wouldn't work at one though..I'm sure exposure over an extended period of time wouldn't be good. IF paranoia is still there, they have masks, ask for one :)

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