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Can a goat get pregnant from a human

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No a goat could not become pregnant with from a human. Goats mate with other goats and have 'kids' in 150 days. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-goat-get-pregnant-from-a-human ]
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Can a human get pregnant by a goat
A human can not become pregnant from a goat. The reason being is that their genetic material is not similar enough. ChaCha.
Can a male human get a female goat pregnant?
Of course not! The genetic makeup is specific to a species and cross species cannot result in offspring. Not to mention it would be illegal to do such a thing.

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Is it possble to inpregnant or get pregnant from an animal?
Q: I was just really bored and I read a question on here about someone being worried about the possible of having got a goat pregnant. And if a human can get pregnant from an animal or get an animal pregnant then why can't a dog get a cat pregnant?
A: It won't work. The animal's immune system will recognize the human sperm as "other" and attack it; a human body will likewise destroy animal sperm. In effect, the immune system will treat it like a virus or bacteria.Then, if any sperm survive to reach the ova, they will not have the correct enzymes to enter the ova. This is an Epic Fail situation, where the sperm dance around outside the egg, unable to penetrate its defenses.
Can humans get pregnant from goats?
Q: I would like to know because i think i know someone that's a half goat half man A.K.A goatman.
A: haha seriously? Maybe the person is just ugly..

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