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What happens during a female physical

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What happens during a physical depends on the reason for the physical,tell us and we can give you a better idea. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-during-a-female-physical ]
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What happens during a female physical?
This is your first physical?! You should have been having them since birth. Typically you get your lungs listened to, your vitals checked. You discuss any health issues you have. At your age they may do a pelvic exam but will not do a pap ...
What happens during a physical for a female? I'm 21, have to take...?
If you physical is work related they will just make sure you are healthy,they won't do a pap smear.That is not a requirement for any job,they have no right.They may see how much weight you can lift,but just because your a women doesn't give...
What happens in a 13 almost 14 year old female's physical??
don't know about hte ankle pain, but they'll start with weighing you, and some may measure your height. they'll look into your ears, and if i remember correctly check your hearing. they'll check your eyes as well, both the ears and the eyes...

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What happens during a female physical?
Q: Im about to go in for myfirst physical. Its for bowling and im 14. What will they do?well i mean first like sports related physical
A: This is your first physical?! You should have been having them since birth.Typically you get your lungs listened to, your vitals checked. You discuss any health issues you have. At your age they may do a pelvic exam but will not do a pap smear until you lose your virginity (usually). Your breasts should be checked and they may order some routine blood tests.
what usually happens during a physical?
Q: i have to go get a physical exam so that the doctor can fill out some health sheet for the university i'm attending. I am 18 years old and a college freshman. (female) i weigh about 130 lbs.. i am sexually active. am i going to have to undress? and will the doctor do a breast exam and/or pap smear? what all do you think i'm going to have to go through during this trip to the doctor?
A: I just recently did the same thing. My CNA school requires a physical. You do not have to get undressed. All the Dr. did was check my heartbeat by having me breathe deeply with the stethoscope on my chest and back, and she tested my reflexes with the hammer on my knee. She asked me a few questions about any unusual symptoms. She tested my eyesight too. And...that's about it. It took all of 15 minutes. Good luck!edit: Also, they required a drug test too, but the Dr. didn't do that. I had to go to the lab in the hospital for that. Just had to pee in a cup and give it to the phlebotomist.
I am turning 28 next week, and I have just scheduled my first physical exam. what happens during these?
Q: what will they test me for and what do i need to be aware of? my appointment is not until February 18, so when they call to confirm they will explain it to me, but i am curious and antsy now. does this hurt? how long does it take?i am female.thanks!
A: This will be a routine physical examination, nothing really to worry about. Be calm and comfortable.Don't be anxious since this will have affect on your heart rate and blood pressure during the exam, anyways if you will be anxious doctor will be knowing that so be comfortable.If its full body examination then it might include breast and pelvic exam but that might not be the case and this will depend on your consent again.Other things will be your general physical, Cardiovascular, Skin, Abdomen, Back, Part of neurological exam, Eyes (only inspection, not intensive), Ears etc.Take care, stay comfortable and ask questions, its your right

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