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How do you treat fever blisters on the lips

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A fever blister will go away on its own, but to ease any discomfort, apply ice to the sore. Or take mild pain reliever. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-treat-fever-blisters-on-the-lips ]
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How do you treat a fever blister in your lip??
Abreva. It is a miracle drug for me. If you put it on your fever blister when you very first feel it coming on, it will hardly develop. If the fever blister is ugly and painful, the Abreva will take the pain away within a half-hour. Love th...
How to Get Rid of Fever Blisters on the Lip
・ 1 Apply fresh aloe vera gel to the affected area. Aloe promotes healing and helps prevent the fever blister... ・ 2 Apply petroleum gel directly to fever blisters several times per day to expedite healing and shield... ・ 3 Avoid eating ove...
What causes fever blisters on lips?
Usually it is caused by the herpes simplex 1 virus.

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What are some ways to treat fever blisters?
Q: I had a couple fever blisters on my lip and they popped, now they are absolutely raw and hurt really bad. What are some ways to treat them? Are there any ways to take the pain away? Should I be keeping them moist or let them dry out? I've been using blistex to numb them and it's helped a lot but i'm not sure what else to do. Let me know!
A: Keep using the blistex! You can also take a pill called Lycine, which should make it go away faster, but there is nothing to make it go away immediatly. They normally take about seven to ten days to go away.
how should i treat fever blisters inside my mouth?
Q: i was sick all week with a swollen glands, sore throat, nasal congestion, lung congestion, and then i got a fever. i did not go to a dr.the fever is gone. now i have fever blisters on the roof of my mouth and only one of my glands is mildly enlarged. i was reading that fever blisters can be on your lips and the roof of the mouth, so im pretty sure that they are fever blisters as i just had a high fever.now that i am feeling better i feel like it would be wasteful for me to go to the dr. but im concerned because i never had fever blisters before.will my fever blisters go away on their own? is there an OTC treatment for fever blisters INSIDE THE MOUTH. they really hurt. im kind of worried, will they heal properly? will they get bigger and bigger? how long do they take to heal?thanks. :)
A: These are all very good advise. The biggest problem here is that you wouldn't get fever blisters just because you had a high fever. Fever blisters are a virus (herpes simplex) You should DEFINITELY see your doctor. there is really only one way you could have gotten "fever blisters" inside your mouth. Unless you have had oral sex with someone with genital herpes that's probably not it.It's more than likely a bacterial infection. Judging by the swollen glands, sores, and fever, it sounds like strep pharyngitis. If left untreated it can actually go to your heart and cause infective endocarditis (deadly).PLEASE see your doctor. What's in your mouth is NOT fever blisters!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you treat a fever blister when you are pregnant?
Q: I dont want to take anything that will harm the baby, but this fever blister is killing my lip! It seriously hurts like heck and is itchy
A: I got 2 nasty fever blisters at the beginning of my last pregnancy. The doctor said I couldnt use anything like aclovir (sp?) so I ended up just using camphophenique several times a day till it went away.

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