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How do you stop liquid like poop

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If it's a baby that is releasing liquid poop, then you may need to change his or her's milk formula. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-stop-liquid-like-poop ]
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How to stop liquid poop
Acute diarrhea is a common problem that usually lasts 1 or 2 days and goes away on its own without special treatment. MORE

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What does it mean when you poop yellow liquid only, for 3 days?maybe more?
Q: Ok I'vew been having a little stomach pain and then vomiting whenever I eat on the 1st day then it went away on the 2nd day. And whenever I poop from now on I poop yellow liquid(not reg. poop) out or yellow water with small chunks of solds in it. And ever since that I've been pooping 4-7 times a day. Its been 2 days after that and it still hasent stopped. So please help me! :(
A: Sounds like you have the flu, and this to shall pass oops pardon the pun. Do u have a fever? If not just eat lightly, like butter toast,and ginger ale is good for stomach upset. Feel better Happy N.Y.
liquid shit? what should I do to stop it.?
Q: every time I drink some water after 10 mins. I always take a poop and my poop is always on liquid form. what should i do to stop it? im worried that i may become over dehydrated. HELP
A: have u tried Imodium AD, it is an anti diarrhea medication. if u wish to use it, it is over the counter i would read the directions.Another thing to use it what doctors use with children not to let them dehydrate. It is called the BRAT diet. You may not like it. B stand for bananas. You can eat bananas. R stand for rice. You can have plain rice. no butter and it must white. A stands for applesauce. you can have plain applesauce, no cinn on it on anything.T is Toast. Dry toast, no butter or anything else. B=bananasR=riceA=applescuceT=toastdrink alot of water or tea or gator aid. U need the electrolytes. No beer or anything like that. not all liquids are right. Your system inside need to be overhalled so to speak so keep with the basic food for about a week then go to a bit stronger food for the next week. it matter how u start to feel. take it very slow.The Imodium could hurry all this up and not make u go thru this BRAT diet. but sometime what u have is stubborn. just keep on their directions and it will work.no matter if it is the brat diet or not,,keep up with the water. dont think it is not working and stop. it might be. if u are too concerned go to the doctor and mention everyting that u have done about this problem EVEYTHING no mater how embarresing it could be. oh by the way a miost cloth that is flushable like cottonel can ease your soreness down there. just make sure they are flushable.
3Month Pitbull Puppy..Won't eat..Only drinks water..Liquid poop..Any suggestions? Need HELP!?
Q: I have a 3month old puppy and he's stopped eating. I recently changed his food from puppy chow to some dog food with a gravy mixture. He wouldn't eat that and I changed it back to puppy chow and he still won't eat. He has a liquidy yellow poop and he throws up some kind of yellow gunk. Is something major wrong with my puppy? What's wrong with him?
A: Yes, something is wrong - he clearly needs a vet and no one will BRING HIM. At this point i would be very concerned about worms or parvo. The dog needs vet care to check for diseases or parasites. Then you need to change the food to something GOOD.Dog food should not have corn or unnamed ingredients in it. It should have named meats and meat meals, quality grains, veggies. NO by-products. NO dyes. Poor food quality could be a factor here.....InnovaTaste of the WildWellnessChicken Soup for the Dog Lover's SoulAll good brands. Ones to avoid would be grocery brands like Dog Chow and Ol'Roy, Science Diet, Purina, Pedigree, and Iams. On top of that, a PUPPY needs PUPPY FOOD - not adult food. Adult food will not give the animal the nutrients he needs....

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