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Why would I get my period early if I'm on birth control

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You are probably under a lot of stress. lay down and relax and just remember its good that it is early. Nothing to worry about. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-would-i-get-my-period-early-if-i%27m-on-birth-control ]
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Why did i get my period 2 weeks early on birth control??
It could just be random spotting, unless it's a full on period. If it's a full on period and I was you I would just consider myself an unlucky person with an early period. But, if you're actually worried about it, you should really go to a ...
Why did I get my period a week early even though I am on birth co...?
Hello Talk Dirty, You may just be having an irregular cycle. It does and can happen even if you are taking the pill. Sometimes the pill is not strong enough and sometimes it needs to be changed to a stronger pill to prevent break through bl...
Can I take my birth control pills early to get my period early??
i believe u and postpone ur period with birth control by receiving help from a doctor but im not sure about having in early

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Period 2 weeks early while on birth control pills?
Q: I just switched from Ocella to Aviane 2 weeks ago, and two night ago I got what seems like break through bleeding. Its much more than spotting, much much lighter than my regular period. I still have a week and half left before I start my placebo pills. I'm assuming that this could be caused by me switching pills, but I just wanted to make sure! So if you guys could help tell me why I'm bleeding that would be great :)
A: It could well be the withdrawal of hormones from switching packs or have you doubled or tripled up on packets? Sometimes that's a side effect of running too many packs together.
Birth Control: Tri-levlen dilemma?
Q: Okay, I kind of have a dilemma..lol. Okay, I am now on the birth control pill called Tri-Levlen for 2 months now (although, have not have sex since August '07 due to my husband being deployed to Iraq) and since my husband will be coming home to visit next month, I realize I'm going to be on my period. My question is, if I finish my packet now, and wait 2 weeks to start a new package, would that be a safe thing to do? I'm just trying to avoid getting my period when he comes home on leave, also, we'll be vacationing in Hawaii so I really am trying to avoid my period during those times. I don't know if anyone can answer this question for me but anything would help. I'm thinking of finishing my packet now and instead of continuing like I do, I want to wait a week to two weeks to start over again so I can have my period in a later time for that month. Also, the reason why I started birth control early was for me to get used to the pills again. Thanks everyone in advance!!
A: It would be safe in terms of contraception as long as you have taken the pill correctly for a week before having sex. However, it might not prevent a period, or you could have a lot of spotting, starting and stopping the pill like that. What would work better is to "stack" your pills to skip your period. You do this by not taking the placebo pills. When you finish the last active pill in the pack, go straight to the next pack. Many women don't bleed at all using this method, but it doesn't always work. Good luck.
More birth control/planned parenthood/pap smear questions, help plz?
Q: I asked a question about BC earlier, and now I've decided to go to Planned Parenthood later to get some. 1. How anonymous is this whole Planned Parenthood thing? How much information do I have to give them? I don't want my parents to find out anything even though I'm 18. =/2. I don't want the BC for actual birth control, OR for regulating my period (I get it on time every month, that part's fine). I just don't want horrible cramps anymore, I usually have to stay home from work and school whenever I get it cause it's that bad, I can hardly even move when I'm on it. So does anyone know the best kind of BC I should get? Patch/Pills/Shot? Will they give me a choice or will they tell me which I should get?3. If I say that's the reason I want it, will P.P. not give it to me? Should I pretend I'm sexually active even though I'm not?4. Do I HAVE to get a pap smear if I want BC? I'm a virgin, so I don't see why I need one, and I really don't want one. x.x But I've heard you have to to get birth control. =/5. If I HAVE to get one, can I at least request a girl doctor or something? I've never had one before. >.<6. About how long would an appointment for all this take? Do they usually see you right on time or is it a long wait? Help pleaase ;-;You don't have to answer all of them, just anything pleeeease. None of my friends i've asked know a thing ><
A: 1. They may ask for your name and everything but they will ask you if you want anyone to know you were there. Plus if your 18 there is no chance of them telling your parents since you are considered an adult.2. If you are good at remembering to take pills i would say the pill would be good for you. I'm not though. The patch you have to change it once a week. Each week for 3 weeks you can't put it in the same spot so like one week on your arm, one week on your butt, one week on your hip then a week without it. The shot usually makes people gain weight but not always . 3.You can tell them why you really do want it. They will still give it to you. They will not turn you down. Since everyone becomes sexually active so they would rather give it to you before you start so that way you are on it when you do decide to.4. You don't have to get a pap smear. They do advice you to so that way they can check to make sure you don't have any bacteria build up or anything like that. but if you tell them that you are a virgin you don't have to get it.5. yes you can request for a female dr. At planned parent hood they try to make you as comfortable as possible. If you don't want a male dr just let them know6. The appointment's take anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. It all depends on how many questions you have to ask. They usually are pretty good at getting you in on time.

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