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Why is my menstrual blood brown

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Dark brown, thick blood is old blood. Sometimes blood stays in the uterus for a few days, and when it comes out it is brown. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-my-menstrual-blood-brown ]
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Why is my menstrual blood brown?
Your body is cleansing itself. The female reproductive system is an incredibly efficient system that essentially fixes itself. It is perfectly natural to occasionally have brown/black blood flow. This just means that you have older blood th...
Is it normal for menstrual blood to be brown?
it's totally fine, don't worry. this could happen at the beginning or end of your period. it just means its old blood. at the beginning could happen when your period is late because the blood at the beginning could have came in contact with...
Why is menstrual blood brown sometimes?
If the blood has been sitting out in the open it starts to dry up and it changes to brown.

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Why is menstrual blood brown sometimes?
Q: i feel like im having a backwards period or something Lol. i havent had a period for going on 2 months now. & like a day or 2 ago i started having this brown stuff showing up. it definitely feels like my period. can somebody tell me what's going on?? i heard that if the blood is left in the uterus for too long or so long it gets old and turns brown or black?
A: If the blood has been sitting out in the open it starts to dry up and it changes to brown.
Why is my menstrual blood brown?
Q: i have been bleeding for a week now, but not regularly, its only been the tiniest bit but its not been proper blood its been very dark/brown. does anybody know hwy this may be?
A: when blood dies, or is old it turns brown, its completely normal, sometimes it'll be red other times brownish red. weird huh? freaked me out when i first got mine.
Why is my menstrual blood brown?It's never been this color before.?
Q: My menstrual blood is always red until now.It's dark brown.What is going on.I need answers.
A: Normal. Don't worry. It happens to all of us. Usually at the end of your period. It's just old blood. It's because your flow is not heavy, so the blood has a chance to oxidize and it turns a rusty color. If you cut your finger, and a drop of blood lands on the sidewalk, if you come back in a half hour or so, it will be rusty brown, too, not red. When I was 13, I got my first period and it was the rusty brown, not red. I thought I had diarhea or something and had farted out some poop or something. So I went to the nurse. I thought I was going to die. Especially when I showed her my panties and she explained what it was. I felt really stupid, and really embarrassed.... but it got me out of school for a week!

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