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Why does is hurt to take out a tampon

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It shouldn't hurt. Are you using tampons too big for you or are they dry when removing them? Call a doctor if pain continues. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-is-hurt-to-take-out-a-tampon ]
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Why does it hurt to take out a tampon?
There are only a few times when it hurts me when I take them out:・ 1) very light period, and I take it out too soon ( too dry ) ・ 2) I put it in wrong ( or at a weird angle)
Why does it hurt to take my tampon out?
Use a smaller tampon. It should always feel uncomfortable to take it out but it shouldn't actually hurt.
Does it hurt to put a tampon in?
I remember my first time. I was amazed at how pain free it was. As long as you insert it far enough, you won't even feel it. And how nice it was not to have to keep changing the pad as often! My first was one with an applicator. Nowadays I ...

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Why does my tampon hurt when I take it out? Girls only please?
Q: I have been wearing tampons the last two days and I am using the lowest level of absorbancy now because when I take it out it hurts so I thought maybe it is to dry or to big but it still hurts with the little ones so its not to big and I know it isn't to dry cuz it is so full it is leaking. Please help I am in gym and I don't want to go through the pain every day. If you have an answer it would be greatly appreciated.
A: Well that depends... Is this your first time wearing tampons? Naturally for some, using tampon's hurt, mainly because the cotton is dry and your inserting them through a tube or in some cases a cardboard tube. However, Tampax Pearl and Tampax Pearl Athletic tampon's may be better for you. If you are going to gym class everyday, I can assure you, you do not want to wear a pad. It also depends on how far you are inserting the tampon. Some insert in a bit further and some not so much. You will know if you are going to deep or not deep enough. You should not feel the tampon as much when you sit or move around, if you do chances are you didn't insert it all the way in and its irritating you down there.
Why does it hurt when I take my tampon out?
Q: I started using them yesterday.i started with tampax regular, slender. but it leaked through, so i went and bought playtex portable, super.today, after school i went to take it out and it hurt! i didnt get to change it at school because i forgot to bring an extra.what should i do? it leaked throught the super tampon too, and im not really up to trying super plus (im scared its gonna hurt even more):)oh and if it matters, im a virgin.
A: The tampon was too big for you. Even though you leaked with a super doesn't mean you should try a higher absorbency tampon. My suggestion would be to purchase regular absorbency and use a panty liner too...just in case. It should NOT hurt to remove a tampon, and if it does, it is just too big or you are not flowing enough to warrant the use of one. Since you leaked, I'd say your flow was average, but the tampon you chose didn't fit your body contours. I personally don't like any brand other than Tampax because of the way they expand, but there are plenty of women who hate them and only use Playtex or OB or whatever... it all depends on what works best for you, and the only way to find out is trial and error!
Why does it always hurt to take a tampon out?
Q: I have been using tampons for almost 2 years. I can get them in easily most of the time, but everytime I take it out it hurts a lot. What could be wrong with me?
A: I agree with Rosie. Your are using tampons with too high of an absorbency. If it is too absorbent, it will come out dry. If the tampon comes out dry, it will hurt.

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