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Why do i have blood clots in my period blood

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When blood is being rapidly expelled during your period theres not enough time for anticoagulants to work, enabling clots to form. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-have-blood-clots-in-my-period-blood ]
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Why do i have blood clots during my period?
While it is true that it's normal to have clots during your period, it can also indicate a problem. If the character of your period changes suddenly, you should see a doctor. If it's always been that way, and you don't suffer a lot of menst...
Is it normal to have blood clots during your period??
Some clots that are up to the size of a dime are normal (I sometimes get them). This is caused by blood being in the body longer. If cramps interfer with your everyday life so you have to miss events, you might want to talk to a doctor. Als...
Does delaying your period increase risk of blood clots??
If you take oral contraceptives, whether on a traditional schedule or an extended schedule, you're at increased risk of blood clots. Know the warning signs of blood clots:

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why do i have clots in my period blood?
Q: my period blood contains clots and it was like that always , is that normal? i've read that constipation can cause this condition and i suffer from constipation before and after my period , what do you think? please Serious answers only .i don't have so much pain just clots.
A: flowers - The clots you have are perfectly normal. Each month the uterus prepares a "nest" of sorts for a possible pregnancy. This happens as the inside lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, grows in thickness. This lining also includes small blood vessels that could nourish any fertilized egg that arrives from the ovary and travels through one of your tubes to land on the inside wall of the uterus. If no fertilized egg arrives, the nest will then break down and shed the endometrial cell liming with its tiny blood vessels. The lining tissue and blood mix to form the clots. The uterus then normally tries to shed or push out the clots formed that you see in your "period blood." This is all part of a wonderful, though often crampy or inconvenient happening.
Why, when I'm on my period, do blood clots come out of my pee hole?
Q: When I'm on my period and I laugh or sneeze, i feel blood clots come out of my pee hole instead of my actual vagina. Why is this? I don't wear tampons, I only wear pads.I'm 19 years old
A: It might feel that way, but honestly - it's your vagina that they come from. Just with them being so close together, it can feel a bit awkward when something moves...It's normal.P.S: The blood clots are also normal - they're nothing to worry about either.
why is my period blood bright red with what looks like little blood clots?
Q: I have have my period for the past few month pretty normal. I usually start in the middle of the week on Wednesday, but lately it has been coming on Mondays not Wednesday. This period it alot brighter red then the last few I have. Is there something wrong? Can some one tell me please
A: nothing's wrong with it... some girls have their periods on different days of the week every month.. sometimes they are late, sometimes they are early.. that's just the way it works for some...and about the colour, i think it's pretty normal,,, i mean even the blood clot is fine! don't worry a lot.. i have it sometimes... ^__^

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