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When pregnant do you have sharp pains

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Some short-term achiness in the belly is normal during pregnancy. Call your health care provider when you feel strong pain. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-pregnant-do-you-have-sharp-pains ]
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My girlfriends been having some sharp pains in her stomache for 2...?
have you had unprotected sex? has she missed her period? if you answered yes to these, then yes, theres a chance
Are sharp abdomen pains a symptom of pregnancy??
ANSWER Cramp-like pains at the beginning of a pregnancy are quite common. They can feel like sharp shooting pains on either side of the abdomen and can stretch down into the groin area. This sensation is due to the stretching of the ligamen...
Are sharp abdominal pains a sign of pregnancy??
Not that I have ever heard of. But if you are still unsure if you are pregnant, take a home test. It could just have been a bad case of gas. People have thought they were having heart attacks it was so severe. Or you may want to go see a do...

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20 Weeks Pregnant and sharp stabbing pains in lower stomach when i stretch out?
Q: I'm 20 weeks pregnant and so far i've had a really healthy pregnancy. :) There is only one thing i'm really questioning. Like, when i first wake up, i usually roll over on my back and stretch out and it seems like when i do this i get Sharp stabbing pains in my lower tummy where the baby is. Should i not do this? Has anyone else ever experienced this? It worries me because i don't realize i'm doing it again until i get those pains. Thanks in advance for your answers.
A: sounds like round ligament pain...ive made acouple trips to the hospital before cos i felt the pain so bad i didnt think it was normal at all.maybe this will help you.Round ligament pain generally refers to a brief, sharp, stabbing pain or a longer-lasting dull ache that pregnant women commonly feel in the lower abdomen or groin, starting in the second trimester.You may feel round ligament pain as a short jabbing sensation if you suddenly change position, such as when you're getting out of bed or out of a chair or when you cough, roll over in bed, or get out of the bathtub. You may feel it as a dull ache after a particularly active day — when you've been walking a lot or doing some other physical activity.The round ligaments surround your uterus in your pelvis. As your uterus grows during pregnancy, the ligaments stretch and thicken to accommodate and support it. These changes can occasionally cause pain on one or both sides of your abdomen.You may feel the pain starting from deep inside your groin, moving upward and outward on either side to the top of your hips. The pain is internal, but if you were to trace it on your skin, it would follow the bikini line on a very high-cut bathing suit.When should I call my doctor or midwife?The sharp, jabbing type of round ligament pain shouldn't last longer than the few seconds in which you're changing position or getting up. Don't hesitate to call your caregiver any time abdominal aches or pains continue after a short rest or are accompanied by:• Severe pain or cramping, or more than four contractions in an hour (even if they don't hurt)• Low back pain, especially if you didn't previously have back pain, or an increase in pressure in the pelvic area (a feeling that your baby is pushing down)• Bleeding, spotting, or a change in the type or amount of vaginal discharge• Fever, chills, faintness, or nausea and vomiting• Pain or burning when you urinateWhat can I do to relieve the discomfort?If you've been reassured by your practitioner that what you're feeling is round ligament pain, sit down and try to relax when the pain strikes. Resting comfortably should alleviate your symptoms.You can also try flexing your knees toward your abdomen to get some relief or lying on your side with a pillow under your belly for support and another one between your legs. A warm bath may help, too.If you find that you're more prone to round ligament pain when you're particularly active, cut back to see if that helps. Then, if you feel fine, you can gradually increase your activity until you find the level of exertion that's comfortable for you.
8 weeks pregnant and sharp pains when getting up?
Q: I'm 8 weeks pregnant and felt a sharp or maybe pulling sensation after getting up. It only lasted a minute and went away as I started walking. Is this normal?
A: Sounds like round ligament pains. That's normal. It's just your ligaments expanding. The first of many pains you will experience I'm afraid. Good luck and God bless.
39 weeks pregnant sharp pain when i pooped is this normal?
Q: i am 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant I been feeling a bit constipated for a few days i have been able to poop tho. but tonight when i pooped i had a sharp pain that lasted a while and it felt like i was getting in even in my stomach...has anyone gone through this and have any idea why i got that?
A: It's probably due to being constipated and pushing when you went to the bathroom.

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