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When does your stomach feel hard when your pregnant

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Could be as early as 3 weeks if you are skinny. Your baby may be small but your uterus is expanding because of the amniotic sac. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-your-stomach-feel-hard-when-your-pregnant ]
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What does a pregnant stomach feel like? when does it get hard??
well first of all you can still have a period and be pregnant,some times the pregnancy test wont work if taken to early.and and pregnant stomach does not get hard until around the 2nd trimester,so my advice to you is to go see your doctor a...
When being pregnant when does your stomach start to get hard and ...?
Probably around 16 weeks, that's when it did for me. You won't feel the SACK lol but you'll feel your uterus, you'll be able to feel the top of it right below your belly button and such.. I recommend buying a book called "Your Pregnanc...
When you are pregnant how long does it take before your stomach s...?
There is no one answer for everyone to this question, because everyones body is different and reacts differently to pregnancy. I began to feel a little ball in my stomach at around 3 1/2 months and I have a little meat on my bones so if you...

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When does your stomach start to feel hard after getting pregnant?
A: At about 9-12 weeks you can start to feel the uterus in the very lower abdomen, and it feels kind of hard if you press down...but, when its actually noticeable to the touch at about 18-20 weeks when it starts moving up farther.
What is your stomach suppose to feel like when your pregnant in first trimester?
Q: Is it supposed to feel hard or soft? Does it jiggle or not?Is it supposed to feel fat and jiggley? I feel pregnant and my stomach is kinda hard but it's also jiggley like when I just gain a couple of pounds...is this suppose to happen at 2 months?thank you all for the responses they help a grat ddeal!!! i have my appt. today I will ask all my concerns to the Dr.
A: It feels absolutly no diffrent at all,until you are about 4-5 months.
i am ten weeks pregnant when does your stomach start to feel hard?
A: I am 16 weeks 1 day along, and I first noticed my belly starting to harden about a week ago. It was pretty weird! This is a first for me

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