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When do women lactate

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Women can start producing colostrum in the 2nd trimester.White milk starts to flow during your baby's first 72 hours of life. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-women-lactate ]
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When do most women lactate?
Although some women may have milk before the baby's born, others don't. You may not see milk (colostrum) until the day of the baby's birth, and even then it won't be a whole lot until three days to a week later, when you'll feel your first ...
How To Make A Woman Lactate
What a stupid explaination. However a women will lactate as long as she has an infant to drink it. If she weans the child off. She will stop producing within a few week to about a month
When do pregnant women begin to lactate?
The nurse is right... everyone is different. The first few days after the baby is born you will probably just give colostrum - the premilk that's full of all antibodies etc. Then about day 5 or so your milk should come in. (You'll know beca...

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Does nursing women lactate when they hear a baby cry ?
Q: Because I heard this on Radio that Nursing mothers actually lactate when they hear a baby cry no matter who's baby it is..
A: I do!! I hate going to the grocery store because someone always has a crying baby, and I always end up leaking!! In the first month when my milk supply was first regulating, I leaked everytime someone even talked to me about my son! The body is very hypersensitive when it comes to nursing.
Can women lactate or produce milk when their not pregnant?
Q: I started producing milk about a week ago and I dont know if its a pregnancy symptom or not.
A: yes, it is possible to produce milk when not pregnant. usually happens when sopmething is out of whack with your hormones. however, producing milk isnt a symptom of pregnancy, you'll go thru an entire pregnancy not producing milk but possibly a little bit of colostrum. its not until the baby is 3-4 days old that your body would start producing actual milk rather than thicker yellow colostrum
Why do some women "lactate", "squirt", "drip" (not sure the right term) milky liquid when not pregnant?
Q: I've noticed it for years... so pregnancy is not an option.
A: Lactation is a symptom of hyperprolactinemia - read below

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