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When do pregnant women usually start showing

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Most women start showing when they are between 18-22 weeks. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-pregnant-women-usually-start-showing ]
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When does a pregnant women start showing on average with 2nd chil...?
Pregnancy is an exciting time, but each pregnancy is different for every woman. Some women go into their fourth or fifth month without showing, but other women show in their first trimester, which is week 1 through 12. Either way can be com...
How early do women usually start to show that they are pregnant??
10-12 weeks people were telling me I was pregnant, and this is my first. I have been bloated and gassy during the whole first part of my pregnany, so that may have helped. I'm now 17weeks and looking bigger. Maternity clothes are all I can ...
When do women usually start showing during a first pregnancy??
That really depends on the woman. I was very thin and athletic when I got pregnant with my first son and I didn't start really showing until I was 26 weeks or so along and even then I never got very big. I kind of hated it because I looke...

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About what is the average on when you start showing; when you are pregnant?
Q: I am about a month pregnant and I can't wait to start showing. can anyone tell me about when women start showing usually. I can't wait I am so excited.And this is my second child.
A: I really think it depends on who it is. Also, the more children you have the sooner you show. My first was hidden (i was only 15) for 5 months. My second, by three months you could tell. My third, it was like as soon as the test showed positive I needed new clothes.
When does a woman usually start showing in there pregnancy?
Q: im currently pregnant, and im gonna be 27 weeks, and im barely showing, not really when does it usually start showing..plus i was a litlle overweight b4.thanks.im actually gonna be 28 weeks
A: In my experience it depends on body type, exercise level, and diet. I started showing when I was between 10 and 12 weeks. My mom just told me that one of her friends is in her 6 month and isn't showing. Also in my high school the assistant cross country coach started showing when she was either in her 5 or 6 month of pregnancy for two of her pregnancies.
Faster you start showing, the bigger you get when pregnant?
Q: From looking at people during their pregnancies, it seems like the faster you show and getting big, the bigger you are towards the end? And alot of women who don't even look pregnant til 25 weeks end up having a smaller belly at 40 weeks. Is that usually kinda true or does it just so happen to be with people ive seen?
A: normally the early they show they end up being smaller cause they are normally naturally thin and the only thing really out there is baby and not the chunky that alot of women gain on top of baby. of course if your kinda like me and naturally chunky I started showing early but I will probably look bigger cause I am chunky. My aunt showed early but she never got big and as soon as she had the baby she popped right back into her pre pregnancy jeans to go home in.

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